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UFO Reports from the State of North Carolina

UFOs over North Carolina



The state of North Carolina has been active in reporting UFOs. Some of the best cases from the state are: The Fayetteville, North Carolina Encounter, UFO Display over Salter Path, NC, UFOs Encountered over Statesville, North Carolina, and An Incident in the North Carolina Woods.

Let's see some of the state's more recent sightings.

Wrightsville Beach - 10-16-12

Triangular Shaped Craft over Wrightville Beach, North Carolina

As I was metal detecting on the beach tonight not having too much luck. I stopped and started star gazing and noticed two military fighter jets come from out over the ocean from the south and flew off to my right.

They only had red lights on. Maybe 15 minutes later, I began detecting again and the tide was coming in and occasionally would send a surge of water rushing towards me, and as a surge came towards me I turned and ran away from it to keep my metal detector from getting wet.

As I turned and stopped, I noticed off to the Northwest, 5 giant white lights moving from left to right. This was a craft. From my vantage point I could tell the object was triangular in shape; it was totally silent and for being at least a mile away, it stuck out like a sore thumb in the night sky.

These lights like I described to the operator upon my original report to the UFO Reporting Center were smaller than a full moon, but definitely bigger than a star and Venus.

As it continued to move slowly from West to East it began to make a 90 degree turn and started heading to the North and that was when I got my iphone out and attempted to get a video of it, but my phone froze up.

I'm not sure if it was because of the UFO, or just my phone messing up, but it has never done that before and I could see the object from the back and also the lights weren't as bright as before because they weren't directly in front of me, but the underside of the craft had a red pulsing light smaller than the white ones but not by much.

The craft headed slowly towards the north and as it headed away from me, the dunes from the beach blocked my view. As I stood there I automatically knew what I had witnessed.

I started running to my car determined to get another look at the object and as I was running I heard a military helicopter coming from east along the shoreline directly over my head and turned and headed toward the North like it was chasing after the craft.

The helicopter had only its dull red lights on. I got to my car and started heading in the direction. I never saw it again after it last left my line of sight behind the dunes.

I called my local police department and they said they will call air traffic control and report my statement to them. This undeniably a legit UFO.

Raleigh - 10-14-12

A black cylindrical object seen fairly close to an airplane during daytime.

My girlfriend and I were on our way to get burgers for lunch over the weekend in the northern Raleigh area. My girlfriend says we were traveling East on Millbrook Road towards Millbrook Collection, which is a shopping center located at the corner of Millbrook Rd./Atlantic Ave.

My girlfriend was driving and since I'm still quite new to the area, I was looking around and noticed what I believed to be chemtrails, which were all intersecting in one spot in the sky, similar to the shape of an asterisk.

Just west of this formation, in the sky, was an airplane which left an extremely long plume of white vapor. In the same area as this plane was a solid black object, sort of cylindrical-shaped, with some kind of blurry feature on it.

Both the plane and the black object appeared very high. I'm guessing that that plane was at cruising altitude, so what's that? 30,000+ feet? It appeared that the black object was at least that high. At arm's length, the object was about the size of a pencil's eraser. If this object was indeed around the same height as the plane, it must have been 1/4 size in comparison to it.

The distance from the object to the plane appeared to be 300-400 yards. The object made no noise. At first, I thought it was a bird, but it didn't move. I observed this for at least a mile, still in the same spot. At some point, the trees got in my view and I was unable to see it. Once past the trees, I looked and the plane was still there, but the black object was gone. I didn't see it again.

I've made several reports on this site over the years. This is the first UFO I've seen and reported in the Raleigh, NC area. The others were all seen by me and other witnesses in and around the Charlotte, NC area.

Salvo - 09-21-12

Disc-shaped object moving in circles, forward and backward on the drop of a dime, very high in sky with no sound.

While on the deck of my rental home (beach side) and looking south, I was looking very far up into the sky and I was watching what I thought was a plane/jet very high up. No clouds were near to where I was watching this craft move.

It was moving straight across the sky at about the pace a jet would move and was moving bay side towards the ocean. I then saw it move in a circular motion and then forward again.

After moving forward for another 10-15 seconds, it then backed up without turning and then moved forward again. This happened very fast. Normally a jet will make a sound, this was silent.

I was amazed at the motion, and at that point I realized this was not a plane or jet. I watched for another 20 seconds and the object just vanished.

I kept looking waiting to see it again but it never returned. There were no clouds for it to go behind. That evening our neighbors, my friend and I saw more in the sky - I am filing another event report for that.

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