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Husband and Wife Spot UFO in Colorado

Rotating UFO Seen over Boulder, Colorado


Below find an exciting sighting report from Boulder, Colorado. As you may know, Colorado surely holds its own as to UFO sightings. Here are some of the best known UFO sightings from the state: UFO Sightings in Colorado, Part 1, UFO Sightings in Colorado, Part 2, Did Bob White Find Piece of UFO?, and Truckers Spot UFO over Colorado.

Now lets check out our latest report.

House on a Ridge in Boulder, Colorado - 04-22-13

A rotating disc with blinking colored lights was seen flying along ridge in north Boulder, followed by quickly moving lights on the ground.

On the morning of Monday, April 22, I woke up at 2:04 AM to use the bathroom - and this is what I saw:

I live in the mountains just 10 minutes from the town of Boulder Colorado. My house sits on the east face of a mountain which goes down into a small valley and then up again - to a ridge that I see if I look directly east from my home.

This ridge is the first mountain (of the Rocky Mountains) and directly east of it is North Boulder. I live on what is the second protruding mountain and my home sits across this small valley just a bit higher in altitude than the first ridge.

Row of Multiple Colors

I noticed out of the window a row of colored lights blinking different colors, 5 or 6 of them in a row, and it looked like they were on something that was rotating slowly in a circle. It traveled slowly from the southeast going directly North, up above the ridge of this mountain across the valley from me.

As I looked at it, I thought it was a plane at first, or maybe a helicopter. I became concerned at how close it was flying to the trees and houses, and then suddenly it stopped and just glided back the opposite way. Then it stopped again and continued the way it was going, and by this point it was directly across from my house above the ridge.

I could almost make out the shape of it, and at this point I yelled to my husband, "Quick! Come in here! There's a UFO!"

My husband jumped up and ran into the bathroom and just before he arrived the craft went up and down and back and forth one more time, but just as he looked out the window it dropped behind the ridge.

I told him, "Oh, I can't believe you missed it! Wait - maybe it will come back up."

Husband Joins Sighting

He had stepped into our shower (closer to the window) and was looking down into the valley and he said, "I see it! There are at least 2 of them!" I stepped in beside him and looked down into the valley and saw that he was looking at 2 little (these are hard to describe) areas of light.

They weren't orbs or balls of light, but the ground was being lit up - as if from a big flash light or spotlight, but there were no beams of light projecting from anywhere, and they were moving faster than any spotlight could possibly move.

They circled around a certain area, then a bigger area, it all seemed very random, and then they were gone.

My husband never saw the blinking craft - but if not for him; I would have never seen the flashing lights. That's it, we stared out the window for a while and then tried to go back to sleep.

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