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Triangle Sighting at Lake Michig

Father and Son Observe Triangle UFO over Lake Michigan


A Triangle Sighting

Triangle-shaped UFOs are one of the true enigmas of UFO sightings. These craft seem to be able to move slowly over our landscape without making a sound; a feat far beyond our present technology. They are also able to shoot away into the sky at rapid speed. They have been reported to have flown so low that witnesses claim to be able to almost reach up and touch the bottom.

What are the triangles? Many believe they are experimental military craft. If this is true they are indeed an advanced vehicle. A lot of researchers believe that the flight capabilities of these craft could only come from an advanced race of beings. Below is an excellent example of this phenomenon.

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North Shores, Michigan - 05-19-12

I didn't report this when it happened. I was a bit frazzled. On 5-19-12 at approx. 11:45 pm I got the fright of my life. My son and I went to see a concert in Grand Rapids.

We were camping afterwards at PJ Hoffmaster State Park that night as it was near the venue. I am from the Detroit area. Late evening after the concert, my son and I were taking a walk along the dark calm shores of Lake Michigan when suddenly a super bright light shined directly upon us (about 30 foot in diameter).

It lasted about a second. It targeted us. We had NO flashlights. We looked up and directly above us was a huge black triangle with a light in each corner that were also shaped like triangles.

They were literally on the pointed corners of the craft and they sort of looked like LED lights, with a bluish-white color. My son looked up quicker than I did and was able to see two lights that formed the one-beam light source that shined upon us coming from the mid-front bottom of the craft that rolled back like a pair of eyes.

From my perspective I watched the beam of light travel away from us and go up the sand dune. Remember, the beam only lasted a second or less. The solid black craft was a Dorito shape and about 100 to 200 feet in the air.

Object Moves Silently

It was COMPLETELY SILENT and moving VERY SLOWLY. It was no less than 50 ft. wide and 70 ft. long. It was moving from Lake Michigan going slightly southeast over our heads and traveled over the beach and sand dunes and after about 30-40 seconds it disappeared over the tree line.

We got a fantastic look at it up close because we could clearly see it against the night sky. It had right and left, white rectangular strobing taillights that would alternate from one side to the other, kind of like what you would see on the back of a garbage truck.

Squares Seen

It was so close I could see many squares within the rectangles shaped taillights (like bricks in a wall). At first I thought it was a drone because earlier on Friday we heard Rush Limbaugh talking about drones flying over Chicago to monitor the Occupiers, but the next day at home I saw pictures of those drones and they looked like an unmanned spy plane, NOT AT ALL WHAT WE SAW.

Immediately afterwards we tried calling my wife on my son's cellphone which was nothing fancy (I wish we remembered it had a crappy camera in it). The phone wouldn't work for 15 minutes and even then it kept dropping the call. We were able to use that same phone with no problem minutes before the sighting.

A big thanks to Ken Pfeifer of www.mufon.com for sending me this sighting report.

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