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2012 Reports from West Virginia

UFOs over West Virginia


Let's take a look at UFOs in West Virginia. The state has had a few memorable cases like Lt. Col. Relates UFO Experience, and The Flatwoods Monster Explained.

Also see UFO Sighting Reports. Now for reports from 2012.

Crawley - 11-21-12

I was standing outside in my yard when I looked up and saw a light flying towards me. I watched as it went over me it made NO sound whatsoever, and was very bright and going real slow.

I've been seeing these lights (UFOs) since 6-25-2012; since then I've been going out every night to watch the skies and almost every night I see at least one and I have at least 15 different videos of these events.

I saw way more than what I've got on video. I've had them stop and hover right over top of me just a little higher than tree top and still no sound. I have had them shine their light at me after shining my spotlight at them; this happened several different times.

I've also seen them stop on a dime and either make a right or left turn and even shoot straight up into the black sky and gone in a flash. I've seen what looked like two giant headlights drop out of the sky from nowhere as it came closer and closer the lights would go out and then about ten minutes or so I would start seeing what looks like single points of lights flying around.

I know of at least 15 different people that have seen these lights. I know this all this sounds crazy and hard to believe, but it's all I can do to believe myself. Something is going on!

Fairmont - 11-03-12

An illuminated spear-shaped object viewed over Fairmont on 11-03-12 at 8:28 PM.

We were driving South on US Route 250 in the Watson area of Fairmont, West Virginia at approximately 8:25 PM. At that time we both noticed a small light moving directly above the highway which appeared to be moving from South to North directly above the highway.

At that time we stopped at the top of the hill at the intersection of Otlahurst Drive and US Route 250. I get out of the car and I see the object moving very slowly in what appeared to be a North to South direction. It appeared to be moving directly above the Tygart River from this vantage point. I got my iPhone out and shot video of the object for approximately 1-2 minutes.

To the point I got tired of shooting, and then right after I stopped, the object disappeared into the sky or clouds. It was very cloudy on this evening and it is possible that our view was blocked by the clouds. It did appear to be very low in the sky; possibly 300 feet or less above the ground.

At first we thought it could have been a helicopter, but there was absolutely no noise. Then we thought it could have been a balloon that somebody illuminated somehow.

Lewisburg - 07-06-12

I saw five yellow-orange objects triangular in shape moving independent of each other in Lewisburg for over 15 minutes.

I was sitting outside from late afternoon until well after dark, and saw several satellites and meteors. I turned around to the SE toward Lewisburg, WV and saw 3, then 5 yellow-orange objects rise on the horizon and hover.

At first I thought 3 planets were rising in the night sky close together until all moved independently of each other, but still gravitated toward one in particular; two on the left moved off and dimmed.

One then reappeared and moved at vertical angles until above center object. It was triangular in shape with three visible points of light, each the same size; one on top and top on bottom.

I called for my wife who came out and also clearly observed the sighting. When the objects dimmed, it seemed at first they were lowering the level of light from each and turning off. Then it donned on us they were actually moving off initially at very slow speed and then high speed as to disappear.

Others would hover and slowly float around in the same general spot or barely move; then speed up and turn at sharp 45 degree angles with no visible arc, and no detectable.

We got into our truck and started to drive to next door Hayfield. Two reappeared in the same location. One left and the other stayed visible for several more minutes.

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