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2012 Reports from Wisconsin

UFOs over Wisconsin


Let's take a look at the state of Wisconsin. We have several reports logged on our site: Family in Wisconsin Sees Elongated Metallic Object, and Two Encounters in Wisconsin. Now, let's see what happened in 2012.

St. Francis - 11-21-12

At about 2000 hrs. I was going northbound on Pennsylvania/Nicholson, and I passed Ramsey Ave in Cudahy. This street is the main street next to Billy Mitchell Field Airport, on the east side of the airport.

I looked eastward, over Lake Michigan, and I saw 4 bright lights, in a triangle form. There was 1 airplane in front, with its lights blinking, and right on its right wing, there was a huge triangle of 3 lights that was a perfect triangle and huge.

The airplane was on the runway path to land from Lake Michigan westbound. It was about 5 miles out and the triangle was I'd say 2+ miles apart from each corner light. When I first saw it, I was going northbound and the lights were going on a northeast direction.

About 1 minute later, when I next saw it thru a field, the lights turned west bound; into the landing runway east/west. I slowed and passed the airport, and did not see the airplane with the blinking lights land. But as I looked at the triangle of lights, it hovered, then lowered towards the water, and I lost sight of it.

I thought it was a line of planes waiting in line to land, but it was not, and the triangle just stayed the exact same. As I turned west, I lost sight of it. Please ask for the Mitchell Field airport radar reports for about 8 pm that evening, and look directly east of the airport.

Then look directly east at the edge of Lake Michigan waters, and then look southeast... it seems it came in on a direction from the southeast going to the northwest, then went directly west, as the airplane was directly in line with the runway. That is where the craft hovered, and lowered down towards the horizon and water, when I lost sight of it.

Oshkosh - 09-10-12

A friend and I were in a boat going down the river towards the lake when we noticed 4 rapidly flashing white lights over Lake Winnebago moving in different directions.

One of the objects went directly over our heads and we thought it could be a helicopter, but it was moving sideways and had something coming off the side of it. Plus, it wasn't making any noise.

This object and the other three lights then flew over towards Fond du Lac, then across the lake, and then back over towards the mouth of the river. When they were over the mouth of the river, the 4 lights then came together to form what looked like one craft/entity with 4 red lights that were not flashing.

As they moved closer, the white flashing lights broke off from the one object; and again went in different directions. The last we saw the 4 flashing lights were moving again towards Fond du Lac when they disappeared.

The lights kept separating and going off in different directions to then come back to form what looked like one thing; there were normal airplanes in the air around the same time that did not have the same light patterns as these objects.

Barron - 08-12-12

Five witnesses (including myself) were watching a meteor shower and saw three bright, blue-green lights go across the sky in 5 seconds.

It was the first meteor shower I ever watched. I had started counting meteors, which were appearing one at a time for a while. The meteors went across the sky usually in a northwest direction.

We were all lying in the grass so we could get the best view of the sky without hurting our necks (and so that the nearby street lights would be less obstructive to our viewing of the sky).

One of my friends saw it first, pointed up at a group of three blue-green lights, whether they were part of one craft or separate craft, we're not sure. They were in perfect, equilateral triangle formation.

As soon as we saw the three lights, they accelerated at an impossible rate heading west, almost from horizon to horizon. The three lights picked up speed as they went and had started to rotate before disappearing behind a large cloud.

The night was fairly calm, and there wasn't much wind. We sat there for about 3 seconds after seeing the object, confirmed that the others saw it too, and then we all ran into the house terrified. We had heard nothing from whatever craft flew over us.

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