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Lights over Lake Erie

Lights over Ontario's Lake Erie


Canada is a country that reports more than its share of UFOs. Here are a few of them we have posted: The Falcon Lake UFO Encounter, The Shag Harbor UFO Crash, UFOs Shadowing Small Airplane in Ontario, and UFO and Alien Tracks Seen in British Columbia, Canada.

Now, let's add one more to the list.

Unidentified Lights over Ontario's Lake Erie

On July 30, 2011 at around 11:30 pm I witnessed something extraordinary while camping on Lake Erie with my family at the Knight's Beach Resort in Haldimand, Ontario.

Just above the trees, which are about 30 feet high, we observed 3 circular objects that looked like fire balls. When I first caught a glimpse of them I panicked thinking that it was fire spreading from tree to tree, but quickly realized that this was not fire at all.

Instantly I knew that this was something very special. I had this overwhelming feeling of happiness because I always believed that there were extraterrestrials and other dimensions, but never thought that in my lifetime I would experience anything that would indicate to me that in fact that was the case, until that very moment.

Life-changing event

That moment changed my life. I can tell you for certain that this was not anything "earthly." These spheres/orbs glided over our campground occasionally slowing down and pausing. We all felt like we were being watched. As they started to move away from the camp, my brother-in-law and I ran after them in hope that we would see something more.

We were both afraid but just could not resist the urge to find out more. We quickly lost sight of them as they started to disappear behind the trees and we decided to run down to the beach to see if we could get a better look. By the time we got there they were gone.

However, there were at least a dozen of people at the beach who just witnessed the same thing. We were told by several witnesses that there was a very bright shooting star in the sky which stopped suddenly, and after a few moments broke into 3 lights.

The lights flickered in different colors as if they were signaling each other. They then flew towards the shore of Lake Erie and appeared orange and red in color. As they glided over the campground, they paused and flickered again before taking off at a very high speed.

Corroborating Reports

What is even more interesting is that when we returned home, Burlington, Ontario, we overheard conversations between the locals about these fire balls over Lake Ontario. Apparently these things were seen all over the place.

While I was shopping at a local grocery store I overheard a conversation between two older women talking about watching these fire balls from their building balconies on Lakeshore diving into Lake Ontario. They also commented that the fire departments were flooded with calls about fire balls.

I thought I was in a middle of some kind of a cheesy 80's TV movie. I mean, "how bizarre is this?" I myself have never seen them in Burlington, but we did wonder why the fire trucks were constantly rushing through the city. It is not common to hear fire trucks very frequently in this city.

Information Sparse

Immediately I started googling about this and looking in the local papers for any stories and to my surprise found absolutely nothing. How can there be NOTHING? I later found a submission in the Spectator by a man whose daughters witnessed these orbs, but he was basically ridiculed. People commented that they were Chinese Lanterns, but I can tell you I know what one looks like because I have seen them before and this was definitely not even close.

I decided to send an email to the journalist at the Hamilton Spectator asking him how as a journalist he had the right to blow this guy off without doing any investigative work but he blew me off and ridiculed me.

What is really upsetting to me is that we did not get a chance to film what we saw. I have since found some videos on YouTube of people in Burlington and all over the world observing these things, but I have yet to see one where they were as close to the ground as the ones we saw.

That was a truly incredible experience for me.

Thanks to MUFON Investigator Ken Pfeifer

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