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UFO Reports from Washington

UFO Sightings from the State of Washington


The state of Washington is home to a number of well-known UFO cases: The Maury Island UFO Crash, and The Kenneth Arnold Sighting.

Also see UFO Sightings - 2010, and UFO Sightings - 2011.

Let's take a look at some UFO reports from the state for the year 2012.

Yelm - 12-20-12

I stepped out to my back porch last night around 9:21 pm to look at the stars and get my hot tub ready to sit in. I used my cell phone to look at Google's sky map of celestial arrangement of the planets on the historic evening, finding Jupiter and Orion, the Moon and Uranus quite visible in the sky.

There were many stars which were very brilliant in the cold night. I put away my cell phone, went inside and got shorts on for hot tub. I returned to get in, and instantly was visually drawn to a magnificent light in the low sky just above the rooftop of my backyard neighbors.

Just above my neighbor's rooftop I saw a brilliant magnificent blue light revolving on an object in the sky. I tried to decipher what kind of craft it was immediately as I live near military base JBLM and see frequent aircraft in the sky, especially helicopters.

Instantly I started realizing this object was neither, by its unusual motion, the shape and changing colors. Its shape, as I focused, was that of an oval shape with a funnel bottom. It moved quickly from right to left, faster than anything I've ever seen, pausing, then left to right again; pausing as it slowly moved farther away and lower in the skyline.

It had a pendulum curve to its motion also, back and forth. All the while it had the most amazing light emanating from it, changing though, from blue to bright white. But, this light was rectangular, pronounced along the length of the craft.

I would say the craft was rotating its orientation rather than its lights changing, because it was constant, like white lights in front and blue in rear.

Suddenly, as I stared, I recalled a similar incident my wife witnessed nearly 3 weeks prior in the same location. I broke sight for a quick moment to yell in my house to my wife to come outside. I returned to viewing object, trying to decipher more about its makeup, seeing more clearly its shape, and realizing more and more this was not aircraft.

My wife did not make it out in time to see as it disappeared on horizon beyond rooftops. This happened approximately within 7 minutes I'd guess.

Spokane Valley - 12-11-12

I was headed to work this morning at 0430 Hours, and in the southern sky I noticed two (2) objects flying in a parallel line moving from West to East just above the river across from Felts Field. The objects were soundless and if you were to take a just a glance to see what it was, it would appear to be helicopters.

However, as I drove east on Upriver Drive just by Pasadena Elementary School, the objects were flying at about 120 feet in elevation from the ground, the one that was further away (so on the side closest to the river) disappeared as I came upon the elementary school.

The second object was flying slowly directly over me; I was able to see the object as it passed directly over my vehicles about 15 feet above the tree line. I stopped my vehicle on the side of the road and there was nothing but silence in the air, the object seemed to glide slowly across the sky.

From this vantage point, I was able to see the shape of the craft in the air. It resembled an egg with lights. There was a light coming from the bottom of the craft as well as a band of lights that went around the middle.

I passed Argonne Ave. and noticed that the object that had flown directly over me was now following me as I continued my drive towards Sullivan Ave. As I approached Arbor Crest Winery, the object was hovering over the hill to the East of Hutton Settlement.

That is when I really saw a good outline of the object. It was egg shaped, but flying with the fat end front and the smaller rounded tip was to the rear. It was approximately 30 feet long and at least half that tall.

It was dark in color with a single white light illuminating the earth from beneath. I sat in my car for at least 3 minutes watching this object just hover there, when it turned towards me and my vehicle and the white lights that made up the belt of the object became extremely bright as did the single light on the bottom of the object.

At 0438 HLT there is no natural light in the sky at that time in this time of year, however, the objects light illuminated the sky and surrounding area so well you would've thought it was the middle of the day.

It was the brightest white light that I have ever had the opportunity to witness. As it reached the peak of brightness (after 5 seconds or so) it just disappeared completely, like it was flying in hyper-speed from the space movies.

Maple Valley - 10-02-12

I was taking out the garbage on at my home in Maple Valley, WA. It was 7:50 pm. I heard a very low rumbling noise (not unlike airplanes at extreme altitude), looked up and noticed two craft moving from the Southwest to the Northeast.

It was too dark to see any shape. They were two chevron or triangle-shaped craft with white lights on each point and a red light just aft of the leading white light. The white lights were constant while the red light would blink very, very slowly (maybe once every 5 seconds or so).

If they were silent I would have absolutely ran inside to get my camera, but the noise led me to believe military craft of some sort, maybe B-2 Spirits. (Someone who worked on the B-2 for eleven years told me that is not the navigational lighting pattern of the B-2).

One was directly in front of the other. The total sighting from above my house until they were past the tree line to my north was approximately two minutes.

I'm sure it was military of some sort, but I am an aviation fan and this isn't any navigation lighting configuration I've seen.

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