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Wyoming 2012 UFO Reports

UFO Reports from Wyoming


The state of Wyoming has had some notable UFO cases: 1974 Abduction in Wyoming, Five-sided UFO Seen over Cheyenne, Wyoming, Husband and Wife Spot UFO over Wyoming, and UFO Hovers over Warren AFB.

Now let's see what happened in 2012.

Gillette - 09-22-12

I got a phone call at 3:00 am. I ran out to my balcony because my sister told me to look out there and tell her what I saw. At this time I woke my roommate up because I saw a HUGE light just parallel from the radio tower (the one with the red blinking lights) off of Southern Drive.

As morning came closer it was apparent that there were smaller (or farther away, very faint) dots in a circle around it, perfectly spaced apart. This big one would move up and then back down and because of the tower you could see it moving.

Then it would just sit there for 30-45 minutes, then move a few feet. You could see flashes of lights coming from this object, like rays shooting out. All of a sudden further to my right (going towards Buffalo), I saw flashing white and red lights in the sky (looked like lights that would be on top of a police car).

It would get brighter and then get dimmer again. When it got bright you could see a disk shape to it, and at random I could see green lights go in a circular movement around the bottom of it.

Then I noticed a bright red/white flashing object directly above my apartment building. The two smaller ones and the big one formed a HUGE triangle in the sky. I sat there and watched this from my balcony for hours.

Around 5:30 am, the smaller ones were in the sky together to my right and they looked more orange. All of a sudden I saw the sky around one light up with a flash; like something you would've seen on Independence Day, and then it was gone.

Seconds later the same thing happened to the other one. The whole time the bigger one was moving so slowly back into the sky, but was still brighter than the North Star.

As the sun came up and all of the stars disappeared, I could still see this object. I watched this object until about 7:10 am when it finally disappeared.

Rock Springs - 03-12-12

My wife and I were awoken by our small dog shaking his coat as he woke, so my wife got out of our bed to let him outside. About one minute later my wife came running into our bedroom and went to our bedroom window asking me to come quickly and look at some lights she had saw in the sky and ask me if I had ever seen anything like that. (I am a ten year navy veteran who worked on an aircraft carrier and flight line.)

I quickly got up and rushed to the window and I observed a large array of lights in the sky flying right over our house heading northeast moving rather quickly. The array of lights appeared to be about ¼ to ½ mile or more in length at about ½ to ¾ mile from the ground.

I initially saw a long row of white flashing light, in an inverted "Chevron" pattern; I couldn't initially count how many lights because I was looking out a window with a screen on it. But the flashing lights had no distinct flashing pattern to them but they did have with intermittent red/orange being trailed by two other white lights from behind that were not flashing at all.

But, what was weird was that as each of the larger white lights flashed there came sparkling white lights all around that specific light that resembled light sparkling from a sparkler. But I could not discern a distinct shape from my vantage point.

During this time my wife asked me if I could hear the noise it was making and it was at this point I noticed a faint, low, dull, continual roaring sound. My wife and I quickly ran to our back yard sliding door to get a better look at this thing or things.

By the time we reached and opened the back door I could faintly hear the sound which was growing fainter and it was at this time I observed the array of lights and it was at this point I could see five distinct larger lights with this barrage of sparkling lights all around them.

My wife reported that what she saw was five distinct lights surrounded by these strange sparkling lights but she claims that these lights in a "Chevron" pattern were not flying as to be pointing to the horizon, as a squadron of jets would fly, but the point of the chevron was pointing to the ground as they fly over her!

This seemed weird to me. We observed that all the lights were moving at the same rate of speed and because it was a dark night we could not tell if it was a single aircraft or multiple aircraft.

Alpine - 02-15-12

Bright stationary light looked like Venus with a red small light that encircled around the center of the light.

It's a very clear night to see the stars and we are out of town a ways so it's even clearer. We saw a stationary bright light that almost looks like Venus; it's so bright it creates what looks like a cross of light in the sky. It is low in the western sky below and to the right of Venus.

We could see a red circular ball-like light that appeared to be circling around the outer center of the stationary bright light as it would flash red on the far left and then red on the far right of the light. The lights size was less than 1/4th of the size of the stationary bright light it was encircling.

I am not sure how long it's been there, watched it for 10 minutes and came to write this. I just went to check and see if it was still there and it's gone. It's now 12:25.

This is the second time that I and my friend have seen this in this same place only last time it was a little higher in the western sky and it was about a year and 1/2 or so ago. My friend noticed it first last time and said it was the same thing he had seen in Nashville sometime between 1998 and 2000.

The last time we saw a red light travel up to the stationary light and then leave it... he said that happened when he saw it in Nashville too. Tonight we didn't see any red light coming or going. However, when I first noticed the light there was a small red light shining for a moment to the upper left of the stationary light about a foot away from the light.

I looked away for a moment as I was driving at the time and when I looked back the small red light was gone.

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