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Missing Time and Memories in North Carolina

Strange Events in North Carolina


Strange Events in North Carolina

The account below contains some extremely strange events that occurred in North Carolina in 2002. It has only recently been sent to a major UFO web site. North Carolina has had some very interesting cases of UFOs and other strange events through the years.

One of the strangest cases is The Fayetteville, North Carolina Encounter. Other cases of interest are UFO Display over Salter Path, NC, UFOs Encountered over Statesville, North Carolina, and for an overview of 2012, see UFOs over North Carolina.

Pittsboro, North Carolina - 01-07-02

It occurred on a very clear and cold January night. It was a Sunday and I had plans for early in the day on Monday. I worked several years on the night shift and going to bed at midnight was early since the norm was more like 4:00 AM after work.

My live-in girlfriend was away visiting relatives so I was alone in the house. I was relaxing watching TV up till midnight, and as planned, went upstairs to go to bed. I saw an unusual light from the window and approached to see what it was.

The light was extremely bright; however, it did not bother my eyes to look directly at it. The light had the colors of a welding arc, but it did not flicker. It was coming from the thick woods about 75 feet or so from the house. It cast shadows of the larger trees throughout the backyard.

We lived way out in the woods at the edge of a pine reserve; there were no roads to our house, just kind of a path where we drove our cars from the end of the state gravel road. We lived about a quarter mile from the end of the road.

With the exception of our yard, the woods around us were almost too thick to walk through. There was nothing beyond our house except the pine reserve.

Looking for an Explanation

I was standing there at the window trying to figure out what this was. I thought it might be scientists doing something out there, but if so, how did they get that heavy duty lighting equipment out there? I studied the light running different ideas through my mind about what this could be, but nothing made sense.

I estimate it was less than three minutes since I was at the window. I decided to put my pants on and go into the backyard to get a closer look.

Before I could put any clothes on the whole room lit up with orange light coming through the windows like a flash of lightning. Then immediately it was blue light doing the same from the other end of the house. In a second it all faded away to darkness. I looked through the window and everything was dark.

We had no outside lighting so I decided to go to bed and check things out when the sun was up. I glanced at the alarm clock, it was 4:00 AM. I was so disgusted with myself for staying up this late; I had plans before work tomorrow, so I went to bed to get rested for work Monday night.

Missing Memories - Missing Time

Monday I got up and went through my normal routines with no memory of what happened. Tuesday was the same. Wednesday night at work something triggered my memory. I thought to myself "Oh yeah! I was going to check out those woods".

Thursday I got a camera and entered the woods.

I was shocked, after entering the woods about 50 feet it all opened up. The trees were bent over with their tops pointed at the ground. Very few were down and I do not remember seeing any broken limbs. I remember thinking to myself "How could these trees bend so much without breaking?"

I started taking pictures, one was very interesting, a tree that was about waste high bent over with its tip pointed at the ground and staying that way. That little limber tree should have popped back up straight as soon as whatever force let it go.

The site was about 60 to 80 feet wide and circular. All of the tree tops were pointed down and towards the center of the site except one tree in the center which was untouched.

This confused me, if a force was pushing down how could the tree in the center remain upright? There was no path in or out of this site; whatever this was had to come from the air.

I looked for foreign debris or disturbed earth or tracks and found none. I am no photographer, but I tried to capture this scene in pictures, but the pictures did it no justice. Later I bought a camcorder and went out there again; tragically I lost the tape since then.

Things Don't Match Up

After that I began thinking about this event trying to remember all I could. Some things did not match up. For example, I was looking out of the window at this light fully dressed, how could I then decide to put some pants on and go outside?

I thought I was at the window less than three minutes around midnight then a minute later looked at the clock at 4:00 AM. How could I not then know I lost 4 hours time?

How did I forget about this event for days and then remember something happened?

I wanted some sort of an investigation, but who do I call? Some days earlier the sheriff came to our house lost and I told him the way out. During our conversation he told me if I had any trouble out here not to bother calling 911 because there were only 9 deputies in our large county and they could not respond.

So calling a sheriff was out of the question, we were on our own. I did make a report to a web site for UFOs back then, but I did not get any response and since then forgot which web site it was.

I took the pictures to work and showed a couple of close friends. They were amazed, but had no clue of what I should do. So about ten years have passed now and I think about this now and then. I have only told a few people about it.

The event does not disturb me; however, I am extremely curious about what did actually happen.

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