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UFO Report over Salt Lake City

Sighting over Utah


Below we have a rare UFO sighting where both witnesses filed a separate report on what they saw in Utah. Here are some more reports from the state: B-17 Encounters UFOs, The Woodland Hills, Utah UFO, and see a list of sightings in 2012 at 2012 UFO Reports from Utah.

Salt Lake City - 04-27-13

Not far from downtown Salt Lake City near Trolley Square, the witness was sitting in his backyard with a friend. It was shortly before 11:00 PM.

They were chatting when the friend suddenly asked, "How fast do satellites move?"

Looking up to sky, he saw to the west, two V-shaped formations. Each formation had 5 white lights. They were at a very high altitude, and moving at a great speed. He remarked:

"Nothing I have ever seen moved like these lights".

He watched them from about 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock before some trees got in the way. They seemed to veer to the west as they reached the end of his field of vision.

Both of the men were mesmerized by what they were seeing.

They wondered if they were actually seeing what they thought they were seeing throughout the minute or so that they were watching.

About a minute after the lights were out of their view, the witness' wife comes outside, and gets involved in their conversation about their sighting. They are still wondering what they saw.

Second Witness - Same Day, Same Location

I was visiting my friends' home in downtown Salt Lake City (locals would call the area the Liberty Park or Trolley Square neighborhood). We were enjoying a backyard fire, and at the moment 2 of us were outside while the 3rd went inside momentarily.

I was laying down on my back passively looking at the sky while talking to my friend, when I suddenly noticed a light directly above my body moving from west to east. It was moving deliberately.

My first instinct was that it was a satellite, but quickly realized that it was a lot brighter and moving much faster than any satellite I had seen before. I pointed this out to my friend and he jumped up and said "Look! there are more over there, 2 of them!"

I scramble to my feet, and said "Where, where?" He pointed into a dark piece of sky north-northwest direction. I then saw what looked like two light grey or light tan masses that seemed to be moving at the exact same pace and direction.

Objects in V-shape

The objects looked like they had somewhat of a V-like shape to them. They were very difficult to see, but looked like they had mass to them, meaning they were darker in the center of the vehicles, and their silhouettes were fuzzy and difficult to define.

The best way I could describe it was that they were "cloaked," and required a bit of effort to see. I lost sight of them once, and then found them again about ten seconds later; again, moving at the exact same pace, and heading the exact same direction.

There were no lights on the objects whatsoever, save for a random pinhole-like orange light that would blink periodically (I think I saw the dim orange blink 3 times).

Sighting Short-lived

The entire thing lasted somewhere between 45-90 seconds; long enough for me to look back at my friend and realize that we were both absolutely seeing something that was abnormal to what is commonly in the sky.

In the aftermath of the incident, and in accounting to his spouse what had just happened, we realized that there were some major differences in what we saw (he saw lights, I didn't; his seemed very far away, mine seemed to be a little closer). We had no choice but to determine that we saw different things.

What we cannot deny, however, is that we both saw something simultaneously, and that there was an unshakable sense that the presence of all these objects were absolutely related to one another.

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