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UFOs on the Moon 2


UFOs on the Moon

Sgt. Karl Wolfe


Upgraded Security Status:

For Wolfe to be able to enter the NSA photographic lab, his security status was upgraded for one day. He was extremely nervous as he entered the high security building. As he made his way into the facility, he was shocked to see so many people-people from many different nations. He had naturally assumed that only American military personnel and scientists would be present. The foreigners had visitors name tags on, and Wolfe thought something very unusual was happening that day.

Station in a Dark Room:

Wolfe was really nervous now. Whatever he was to work on must be extremely important, with all of the foreign scientists there that day. He was led into a dark room to begin his duties. A red safety light was all he could see at first, but soon his eyes adjusted and he saw a lone airman manning a station in the dark room. The equipment would have to be moved to another location for troubleshooting and repair, and as he waited for transport, he began to chat with the airman.

Made by Intelligent Beings:

The airman told him that all of the NASA photographs were sent to Langley, where they were enhanced, and eventually made into photographs to be sent to and studied by the different branches of the military. He was also told why security was of the utmost importance at the lab on this particular day-recent enhanced imagery had clearly shown structures on the far side of the Moon. These structures were definitely not created by natural forces-they were made by intelligent beings.

Base on the Dark Side of Moon:

"We discovered," the airman said, "a base on the back side of the Moon."

Wolfe was in no way prepared for what he had just been told. When he airman saw Wolfe nearly shaking in disbelief, he reiterated:

"Yes, a base on the dark side of the Moon."

Had to be Alien:

Although Wolfe had not actually been told that some alien intelligence had made the aforementioned structures, who else could it have been? Although Russia had flown unmanned vessels around to the far side, no landing had been made, and the resources and technology needed to build a station there were far beyond that of Russia at the time. Had they made a landing on the Moon, the entire world would have known about it. And Wolfe knew America was still years from a Moon landing.

Secret Kept for 30 Years:

His anxiety reached a new level. He was looking at, and being told about, something that he should not have seen or known about. He was actually afraid of being arrested and a court martial. He only wanted to finish his job, and get out of there, and forget the whole incident. He would finish the repair he was called to do, but he could never forget what he had seen that day at Langley. He would tell not a soul for 30 years.

Sworn to Secrecy:

His release from the military also required that he not leave the United States for five years. This was a condition of his security status. He also was sworn to not reveal anything he had seen while performing his duties in the military. Wolfe would eventually put a report on what he had seen on video, which is now available on the Internet. There have also been several ex-NASA employees who have come forward telling of their experiences in air brushing structures out of NASA photographs of the Moon.

Astronauts Encounter Alien Ships:

One of the first reported astronaut encounters with alien ships occurred during the Apollo 11 mission, according to distinguished author Timothy Good. In his book, "Above Top Secret," he asserts that both Neil Armstrong and saw UFOs during their historic 1969 Moon landing. Good states that he recalls hearing one of the two astronauts make a reference to a "light" in or near a crater during the live television transmission.

Aldrin Admits Seeing UFOs:

Mission control requested additional information about the "light," but there would be no response from either astronaut. In a 2006 television documentary, "Apollo 11: The Untold Story," Buzz Aldrin admitted for the first time publicly that the astronauts saw UFOs on their trip to the Moon, but they were not allowed to discuss this information on the live audio feed to NASA. He stated that he felt it would have caused a "panic."

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