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Reporting of Lights in the Sky

Lights in the Sky


Introduction: Lights in the Sky

Many UFO sighting reports these days are of "unidentified lights in the sky." This common occurrence becomes redundant, and it is the reason that many people lose interest in UFOs. Everyone knows that on any given night there are many different things in the sky, especially if one lives close to an airport.

Even so, we have a myriad of stars, planets, small planes, large planes, helicopters, the ISS, and satellites, among many others. Another problem we face is Chinese Lantern sightings.

According to Wikipedia, a Chinese Lantern is a collapsible paper lantern or sky lantern in bright colors used for decorative purposes, commonly painted with Chinese art and calligraphy motifs. This tradition from the Far East has evolved into a common practice all over the world at birthdays, weddings, and many other events or celebrations.

Coming in various shapes, sizes and colors, the lanterns have been misidentified as UFOs in thousands of reports, and photographed and videotaped as UFOs by many unsuspecting souls. How do we separate all of the misidentified common, everyday items with what might be a UFO? I can't even begin to tell you how many so-called UFO videos I have watched only to see the typical orange-colored lanterns; a waste of time and effort.

We must not think that every time we see something in the sky it is a UFO, and look for a shape; like a disc or triangle, instead of just round objects, which are mostly balloons or the ever-present lanterns, although there will be times when the round objects could be something unusual.

Here is a typical report of "lights in the sky" from Ohio. Ohio ranks among the best reporting states on UFOs. Be sure to see Triangle UFO over Toledo, Ohio, UFOs over Ohio, and Triangle UFO over Ohio: Missing Time.

Ohio Cluster of Lights - 09-24-13

During the morning of September 24, 1013, approximately 3.50 am, I observed a cluster of lights low in the night sky through my side door's window, which faces south. My sleep was only intermittent that night and while I was walking down my hallway I first noticed at a glance the Moon being very bright, and glancing thru the window I immediately spotted a cluster of blinking lights where I had never noticed any previous to this night.

As close a meteorological report as I can make it: the night was very clear with a very bright three-quarter Moon, and it was not in any direct line of our view of these lights. There were only very, very high altitude wisps of a cloud here and there.

There were many stars very clearly seen throughout the sky as well. Winds aloft in our southern sky were forecast at 6 to 9 mph at 6000 ft., not unusual for that time of night, and time of year.

The lights were in the southern sky, at 152 degrees relative, declination of about 25 degrees from the horizon, a very tight cluster of blinking lights. They were not fixed per location per se, but slightly bobbing up and down and some side-to-side motion, always in unison, but always remaining within about a five degree arc, or circle, that same spot of the sky.

It is difficult to define the distance to the lights, but based upon the ease I could see the lights changing and alternating, I'll estimate them approximately two to five miles distant.

There were multicolored reds, blues and greens, with a very bright white always staying in its center of the cluster, all alternating colors from one side of the cluster to another, and from top to bottom and back again, with no discernible pattern as I could observe.

At no time did the cluster of lights separate, but stayed in its configuration throughout the observation, which lasted at least forty-five minutes, uninterrupted during that period, with the lights remaining in the same relative position.

About forty-five minutes into the event, I observed the cluster had changed position to about forty degrees declination and to approximately 195 degrees relative. I did not observe this movement as I had moved away for about five minutes from the window. It was when I returned to it I instantly noted they had moved.

The cluster then remained in its new position for some time, approximately thirty minutes, when at that time they simply vanished. One moment they were there, the next they weren't.

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