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Great Britain Releases UFO Files - Fourth Release of UFO Files

Great Britain - Fourth Release of UFO Files


Petit Rechain, Belgium Triangle

Petit Rechain, Belgium Triangle

remains anonymous
Britain's Fourth UFO File Release

Recently, the British Mod, along with their National Archives, released more files pertaining to UFOs. The National Archives release is part of a three-year project by the MoD and the Archives to release files related to UFOs. This fourth release covers cases reported for the years 1981 to 1996.

Included within the hundreds of files, drawings, and reports from the release is the Rendlesham Forest Incident, which occurred at the very end of 1980, but was not investigated until 1981. The case involved US Airmen's search for the source of multiple lights, and even landed objects in the forests between RAF Bentwaters and Woodbridge in December, 1980.

This release of files from Great Britain's Ministry of Defence is a whopping 4,000 pages of information, and is available for public viewing and downloading at the Government Archives.

Wading Through the Silliness

The problem with these types of releases is taking the time to download and read them, while wading through a lot of stupid sighting reports that for the life of me, I can't understand why they bothered to keep them anyway. Most folks just wait for someone else to do the dirty work, and then check out the most interesting ones.

A couple of the most preposterous ones involve a lemon-shape headed alien, and one submitted by witnesses that attended a Jazz festival.

In the first report, two young men from the central part of England filed a police report stating that a lemon-shape head alien was transported down from a hovering UFO, and invited the two men to join their voyage. I am only supposing here that the two men refused the offer, otherwise they would have not been available to make their report.

The second report involves two women who reported a UFO floating over the Glastonbury Music Festival. It is not stated how much they had to drink or what they were smoking at the time. However, no one else saw the UFO floating above the crowd. I suppose that the music was so good that everyone else's attention was drawn to the musicians on stage.

Two Banner Years

The files show that there was a huge increase in reports in 1996 over the preceding year. Some researchers believe that this increase can be attributed to what was popular with movie goers at the time. "Independence Day" was very popular, and the "X-Files" Television series was a big item also.

It should also be noted that in 1978, the year that "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" was released, sightings took a big jump. It seems that this theory may have some basis in fact.

Two Landmark Cases

There were also some interesting observations about the 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident. We are told that Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister at the time, wanted a lid put on the investigation. However, a letter from a former Chief of Defence staff member warned the Ministry that the case should be investigated to its full extent.

The letter stated: "The case has puzzling and disquieting features which have never been satisfactorily explained... which continue to preoccupy informed sections of the public." I will post script this comment by saying the case has still not been adequately investigated.

Another landmark case addressed in the release is the Belgian UFO Wave , which occurred in 1989 and 1990. This case involved the sightings of a number of unidentified flying objects which were confirmed by military radar over the country of Belgium.

Jets were scrambled to confront the UFOs, yet the fast flying F-16s were not able to identify the unknown targets. The Belgian government confirmed the sightings, which were primarily triangle-shaped UFOs, yet no conclusions were ever reached.

Two Memorable Photographs

Although the sightings in Belgium remain unsolved, two of the best triangle UFO photographs ever taken came from it. One of these was taken in Petit Rechain, and the other in Wallonia.

Although there is a lot of silliness to discard, this recent release is a welcome one. We are very hopeful that the British release will eventually encourage the US to follow suit, and let us know what they are secreting away from the public.

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