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UFO Sighting Reports Posted in the Month of September 2013

UFO reports posted in September 2013

A Rare UFO Report from Finland
A rare 1979 UFO report from Finland

UFO Sighted near Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico
A UFO sighting near the Sandia Mountains

Astronomer Spots UFO in Missouri
An amateur astronomer reports UFO in Missouri skies

UFO Sighting in Detroit, Michigan
A Detroit maintenance man encounters UFO up close

Eyewitness Report from Buckeye, Arizona
A UFO report from Buckeye, Arizona

The Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters Seen in Homeland

A UFO Sighting in Rhode Island
A mother and daughter encounter UFO in Rhode Island

Pilot - UFO Encounter
An account of a UFO encounter by a pilot in California

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