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A UFO Sighting in Rhode Island

Mother and Daughter Spot UFO over Rhode Island


Being such a small state, Rhode Island has not been a big reporter of UFOs. But, you can check out my article UFOs over Rhode Island.

Pawtucket, Rhode Island - 07-17-13

On July 27, 2013, Saturday evening at approximately 9:10 pm, my adult daughter and I were walking our dogs on Mineral Spring Ave. going west and turning at Power Road going north. We walked two blocks to the corner of Power Road and Atwood Street in Pawtucket.

My daughter looked to the East down Atwood Street and noticed an object in the sky and yelled, "Hey, what's that in the sky?"

I walked a couple of feet past a tree that was blocking my view, and I witnessed a lighted object towards the end of Atwood Street, a street that is approximately only 1/10th of a mile long and in a residential neighborhood. From the moment I witnessed the object, it was without a doubt that I was looking at a flying saucer.

Description of UFO

The object was low to the ground and very viable with red/orange pulsating lights around the circumference of the craft. Because of the lights it was unclear if there was any circular motion or if it was just hovering at a height above the electrical lines and about tree height.

It would have taken an approximate 20 above-ground round pools to cover the circumference of the craft. It was not behind any object or even behind a cloud and it was a clear night. My feelings were of extreme excitement which took over my emotions, but at the same time I was in fear of the unknown.

Overwhelmed and Confused

I was in awe, overwhelmed and confused, but knowing I did not have a camera or cell phone I knew I would not be able to document anything. If I would have had clear thinking I would have knocked on someone's door, but this experience was overwhelming and I just could not focus.

I asked my daughter to run home with my sister's dog that she was walking and get my sister, a camera and a phone. I stayed on Power Road when I spotted a teenage boy walking towards me. I ran to him and asked him to walk down the street with me. I told him he was about to see a flying saucer, something not too many people would ever witness in a lifetime.

I don't know why, but I walked half way down the street and decided to turn around run home to meet up with my sister and daughter and to get my car. My dog who is friendly and obedient, decided that he did not want to walk or follow me.

He was wearing a pinch collar, and it was even hard for me to force him to leave and I had to literally drag him to get him to walk with me. I had never seen him so defiant and it wasn't until we were half way home before he walked as he normally would.

When I reached my house, my newly acquired tenant was on the porch looking south, in the opposite direction of where I witnessed the saucer. I asked him if he noticed anything unusual in the sky; he said that he did not.

My daughter, my sister and I drove back with my car that is equipped with On-Star. I thought that if I needed to document my exact location On-Star would be capable of following the path that my car would be traveling.

Saucer Disappeared

However, when I returned to the same spot there was no sign of the saucer. There was, however, a lighted object in the sky traveling West on the opposite side of Power Road. I tried to follow and it and it disappeared within seconds of my noticing it.

We drove around for a while as I tried to place a call to the news station to see if anyone had reported seeing anything in the area and my call could not be completed.

I am hoping that by posting this information that I will be able to be in contact with anyone from my area that might have witnessed the same thing that I and my daughter witnessed.

I am thankful that I am safe, unharmed and now not skeptical of anyone who can describe an experience that most of us would never believe.

Thanks to www.worldufophotos.org


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