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Triangles; Experimental or Alien

UFO Triangles; UFOs or Experimental Government Craft

Pilot Observes Two Triangles - Odd-Shaped Craft over Dallas, TX
A pilot observed two triangle UFOs over Dallas, Texas

Man Encounters Black, Triangle UFO - Triangle Encounter 1979
A man encounters a black, triangle UFO in 1979 in Ohio

Recent Triangle Reports - Triangle Close Encounters
Recent reports of Triangle UFOs, close encounters with triangle UFOs

The California Triangle of November, 2008
Four separate witnesses report enormous Triangle UFO over California

Oregon Couple Encounter Triangle UFO
An Oregon couple has recently revealed details of a 1988 close encounter with a triangle UFO

The Triangle Photographs
See some of the best photographs taken of the mysterious triangle UFOs.

A Look at the Triangle UFOs
A look at the strange, triangle UFOs

1981-The Hudson Valley Sightings
In 1981-82, a series of sightings of Triangle UFOs were seen over the Hudson Valley

1989-The Belgium UFO Wave
The Belgium UFO Wave of 1989-1990

Mass Sighting in United Kingdom, 1993
In March of 1993, a series of UFO sightings were reported in the United Kingdom

2000-The St. Clair County, Illinois Triangles
In 2000, numerous sightings of triangle-shaped UFOs were reported in St. Clair County, Illinois

2000-Triangle UFO Visits Idaho Mountain
2000-A Large Triangle UFO Is Seen by Hunters in Idaho, 2000

Black Triangles
A nice site about the Black Triangles

The Illinois Black Triangles of 2000
The 2000 Illinois Black Triangles

Triangle UFOs Are Everywhere
The Triangle UFOs Are Everywhere

Triangles, Research & Education
The Triangles Page, Research & Education

What are the Triangles?
What are the Triangles, Do they come from Boeing?

Recent Report of Triangle UFO
Still Looking at the Triangles

Triangle UFO Reported near Pflugerville, Texas
Eyewitness describes triangle encounter in Texas

Paranormal Events in England
A story of paranormal events in England

Massive Triangle UFO Spotted by Panicked Motorist in Alabama
triangle ufo over alabama

Hunters Alien Abduction in North Bay, Ontario Forest

Triangle UFO Witnessed by Family in Coalinga, California
UFO Triangle Seen in California

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