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Pilot Observes Two Triangles - Odd-Shaped Craft over Dallas, TX

Pilot Observes Two Triangles


Lately, there have been an unusual number of reports of triangle shaped objects, especially in the state of Texas. There is a possibility that we might be experiencing a wave of these reports. I have written previously on some of these. Check out my Recent Triangle Reports.

A very compelling report comes to us from a suburb north of Dallas, and occurred on 04-22-09. Our witness was working as a mechanic at an automobile repair shop. He is also a private pilot, and very aware of the many planes coming and going at Dallas-Fort Worth and Addison Airports, the Dallas Naval Station, and Love Field.

It was about 10:30 AM, when the sighting began. The mechanic was looking at a car in the shop's parking lot when he heard a loud roar from the south. He turned to see what it might be, but the shop's building obscured his view.

But, in just a second or two, he saw a military fighter jet screaming to the north, at an altitude of about 8,000 feet. Having seen many military exercises in the area, he thought this was the beginning of yet another one.

Looking to the east, he spotted another jet flying toward the west. It appeared to be on a collision course with the first jet. Soon, he saw a third jet. Then, his attention was drawn to more activity to his west.

He thought that he was seeing two more jets, flying in a "wingman" formation. As he continued to watch these craft, he soon realized that they were not typical aircraft. As a matter of fact, they were different than any flying craft he had ever seen in all of his years as a pilot, and also watching the aerial activity in the skies above the shop.

These two objects were 6-8 times the size of any of the planes that frequented the skies above the Dallas area. Both of the objects were triangular shaped, but they were not conventional triangles.

At the ends of each of the three points was a sphere. The three spheres were joined by a tubular structure that created the triangle shape. He could see clouds reflecting from the spheres.

Both of the craft were moving toward the east at about 100 knots mph, at a right angle to the prevailing wind. They made no abrupt moves, but continued at a steady pace. He thought at first that he was being hoaxed, because of the unusual shaped craft, and their slow speed.

He also thought that possibly the two objects were kites or balloons of some kind, but either of these would have been blown by the wind, not fly into it. He ran into the shop to grab his binoculars.

It took him no more than 20 seconds to get his binoculars and return to view the objects. They had vanished. He could still see the jets, now all having made a 180 degree turn, and converging on the last location of the two triangles.

He reported his sighting to MUFON, and is not afraid of ridicule. He knows what he saw, and considers himself a sane, intelligent, well read person. He is perplexed by what he saw, but keeps an open mind.

What could the witness have seen? Were these simply conventional craft from one of the local airports, or something much more sophisticated? A trained pilot doesn't get fooled very often, but he cannot offer an explanation for the two unusual objects he saw in the skies over Dallas on April 22, 2009.

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