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1981-The Hudson Valley Triangles


Hudson Valley Triangles

Hudson Valley Triangles

B J Booth


In the last twenty-five years or so, reports of UFO began to include not just sightings of disc or saucer-shaped objects, but also triangular-shaped unknowns. These so-called "silent running" craft are reported often today, and are still an enigma to UFO researchers. There is every indication that many of the craft seen during the Phoenix lights wave were also of the triangle variety, as well as rounded, boomerang shapes.

Group of Lights:

The Hudson Valley account began just before the 1982 new year. On December 31, 1981, just before midnight, a retired policeman was enjoying being in his backyard in the city of Kent, N.Y. As he was looking at the stars, he noticed a group of lights to his south. He could clearly make out lights of red, green, and white. He thought he might possibly be watching an airplane with problems. He enjoyed seeing the jets come over at night, and knew their appearance well. As the lights moved even closer to him, he realized that what he was seeing was not an airplane.

Triangle Shape Seen:

He was also sure that the lights or object was moving too slow for a plane, and as it approached even closer, he could see that it was flying extremely low-too low for an airplane, and it made absolutely no sound. But as it came even closer, he could make out a low, humming sound, and the shape of the object was now evident. It was a triangle, and the lights were connected to a structured object.

Years of Sightings:

This report from Kent was just one of many reports of triangle UFOs made throughout the Hudson Valley. These sightings were reported heavily for several years, and an occasional report is still made today. There would be hundred of reports of the triangle, moving slowly, and almost silently over the valley. Finally, on March 26, 1983, a report on the valley sightings reached the press. The Westchester-Rockland Daily Item broke the story to the general public, and soon the news reached all of America.

Investigation Begins:

The press releases caught the attention of a UFO investigative group associated with noted scientist Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Hynek, along with other UFO researchers, would embark on a full investigation into the valley sightings. A hot line was set up to receive sighting reports. Eventually, a book about the incidents, "Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings" would be published. Public awareness of the triangle enigma would also help popularize the Belgium Wave of 1989.

Floating City:

The hot-line really was hot. On the very first night it was activated, March 24, 1983, no less than 300 reports were phoned in. All of the reports were of a similar nature-low flying, slow moving triangular UFOs. Some callers even claimed to have had a close enough sighting to call the object a "floating city," indicating its immense size, and its slow, steady movement.

Police Switchboard Swamped:

It seemed that the triangles were flying all over the valley this night. In the city of Yorktown, the police switchboard was so busy with callers reporting UFOs, that the department felt that they might not be able to answer "normal" police calls. One incident of particular interest occurred over the Taconic parkway. Traffic was congested as motorists pulled off the highway to watch an enormous, flying triangle slowly move across the sky. During a four year span, from 1982-1986, over 5,000 reports were logged.

Classic Triangle Event:

As to be expected, numerous theories were presented to explain what all the fuss over the valley was about. Of these, only one flying craft would come close-a blimp. But the light configuration, and the often quick maneuvers associated with the triangle reports easily ruled out the blimp as a source of the sightings. The Hudson Valley sightings have become a classic case of triangle sightings.
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