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UFO-related Posts for April, 2014

UFO articles posted in the month of April, 2014

Incredible Maneuvers by Triangle UFO
A Triangle UFO is observed making unbelievable maneuvers in Englans

The 10 Most Important UFO Cases in Indiana History, Pt 3
This is part 3 of a three part article on UFOs in Indiana

Best UFO Cases Indiana, Pt 2
Part 2 of Best UFO Cases from Indiana

UFO Cases from Indiana
A multiple part article on UFO-related events in Indiana

Alien Abduction in Florida 2005
A man from Florida is abducted in 2005

A Woman Has Lifetime Experience with Aliens
Ann Francis has been abducted many times throughout her life.

A Rare Rectangle UFO Observed in Florida
A man from Gainesville, Florida reports a rectangle UFO

Florida Woman Abducted in 2003
A woman suffers physical infirmities from an alien abduction

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