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Update on Needles, California Crash - Did a UFO Crash in California?

Update on Needles, California Crash



About a year ago, a riveting account of an unknown object crashing on the banks of the Colorado River came to light.

Residents of Nevada, Arizona, and California all reported seeing the object coming toward the ground near Needles, California. This case has come to be known as The Needles Crash.


An investigation by Ufologist George Knapp has uncovered a number of other eyewitness accounts of the object, which was reportedly quickly taken away by military helicopters wielding a giant sky hook.

The best eyewitness account of the actual crash was related by a man they are calling Bob. They are attempting to keep his identity secret as long as possible, especially since reports of visits by the mysterious Men-in-Black ran rampant shortly after reports of the crash were made known to the public.

Bob states that an oblong, turquoise-tinted object lit up the waters of the Colorado River, then crashed into the river's banks about 100 yards away. He said it simply looked like a plane crashing, at least at first.

Soon, however, the air was filled with military craft, and a giant sky hook-equipped helicopter toted away the unidentified object. Since then, a number of other witnesses have come forward stating that from their locations, the ground was lit up as the craft flew over them.

Also, in Bullhead City, a man and his son saw the object hurtling to the ground. He told reporters that "I looked thru the binoculars and below one of them [helicopters] was a green object. It was glowing a faint green."

Another witness, Tutu Martin, also saw the military procession. She continued to watch the skies in the aftermath of the event, and relates that Laughlin Airport was abuzz with several 737s - they were identical to the Janet flights that carry workers to Area 51. The planes were white with a red stripe. Mrs. Martin lives very close to the airport.

Government Vehicles

Also, there were many reports of various types of government vehicles in the area, beginning in the days immediately following the crash. All of the vehicles had government plates, and were occupied with the Men-in-Black types. One of the groups was identified as an agency that transports and handles nuclear devices.

It is true that whatever crashed near Needles had the attention of our government. This, of course, could have several explanations.

One is that a military plane, possibly something of an experimental nature, had failed, and an information blackout was attempted.

Secondly, since at least one team of government vehicles was identified as those which deal with nuclear weapons, it is very possible that the crashed object could be an atomic device that had been inadvertently dropped, or a plane carrying a nuclear device had crashed.

Lastly, it is possible that a UFO that had been verified by radar systems, was being chased by the military, and the crashed vehicle was quickly scooped up to keep the information from the public, and of course, to study the advanced technology.

Whatever the case may be, there is still a good chance that more eyewitness reports will become available, and help to clear up the mystery of what really crashed into the banks of the Colorado River in 2008.

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