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1965-UFO Lands in Pretoria, South Africa


UFO Lands in South Africa

UFO Lands in South Africa

B J Booth


A case of UFO landing which is lacking details is that of an event which allegedly took place on September 17, 1965 in the town of Johannesburg, South Africa. UFO investigator Richard Hall released information on the case, after it was reported in America by the Associated Press. The case is a typical one with a vehicle encounter, physical trace evidence, and government secrecy.

An Object on Road:

The case began as two policemen, Constable John Locken and Koos de Klerek were patrolling on the Pretoria-Bronkhorstspruit road, shortly after midnight. The two patrolman would be shocked when their van's headlights illuminated an unusual object on the road ahead of them. Right in the middle of the highway sat a disc-shaped UFO.

Copper Colored Disc:

The patrolmen estimated the diameter of the object at about 30 feet, and it was of a copper color. In a moment, the disc-shaped object began to rise up from the road, shooting flames from below through double tubes of what the patrolmen thought were engines. What was this other-worldly craft? Where had it come from? Where was it going?

Flames on the Asphalt:

The two men reported their sighting, and in part of the report, Constable Lockem made this statement:

"Its lift-off was quicker than anything I have ever seen."

The men also reported that the flames were three feet tall above the road, and the great heat from the exhaust kept the asphalt afire for a time after the object had flown away.

Road Caved In:

After the asphalt had cooled, the road was blocked off and the area of the sighting more closely examined. It was found that part of the road had actually caved in under the heavy weight of the UFO. There was a burned area of about 6 feet in diameter, which would indicate the approximate size of the engine ports. The official governmental investigation was done by Lt. Col. J.B. Brits, District Commandant of Pretoria North.

Highly Secret Nature:

After the investigation was completed, Lt. Col Brits was interviewed in a Pretoria newspaper. He was quoted in the paper as stating:

"... the case of the UFO landing was considered as being of a highly secret nature and an inquiry is being conducted in top circles."

Case Remains Unsolved:

There were trace element samples taken from the area of the landing, and sent for scientific analysis, but the results of these tests were never released to the public. It is quite obvious that something very unusual landed in South Africa, left landing traces, and was seen by two reliable witnesses. Unfortunately, it is quite certain that no further details will be released, and the mystery of what exactly landed in South Africa on September 17, 1965, will remain unsolved.
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