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A UFO Artifact - Did Bob White Find Piece of UFO?

A UFO Artifact - Did Bob White Find Piece of UFO?


Bob White

Bob White

Bob White
The Lonely Trip

"What I'd like to see before I'm gone is the national media get their heads out of their... out of the sand. I'd like to see the national media and everybody else realize that what I have is real."

The statement above was made by one Bob White, and it relates to a fairly small piece of metal... but this is not just any piece of metal, it is a fragment of a UFO. Or at least that is what White asserts.

White's saga began on a lonely road near the Colorado - Utah border in 1985. He and a friend were driving from Denver to Las Vegas. His friend was at the wheel, while White slept in the passenger seat. White never gave UFOs a thought, as a matter of fact, he was a skeptic.

His friend woke him once, and pointed out a strange light in the distance, but White just fell back to sleep. Again, his friend woke him, and this time he stayed awake... there was a blinding light in his eyes. The two travelers stopped the car, and got out to find the source of the light.

The Huge UFO

White was totally in shock as he looked at an object only about a 100 yards in front of him, and it was huge! In a few moments, the object took off to the skies, where the UFO joined a pair of tubular, neon lights. White now describes the object that waited in the sky, the "mother ship."

After the object from the ground joined the UFO in the sky, it zipped away to the east, and totally disappeared.

"What I saw," White said, "was not of this Earth."

As the large craft made its way into oblivion, White saw an orange light falling toward the earth. It was definitely coming from the mother ship. What its function was, White could only guess.

The two men were able to find the object, which was red hot at first, but in time cooled off enough to handle it. White put the object in the trunk of the car.

The Artifact

The artifact that White found that night is about 7 1/2 inches long, and shaped somewhat like a teardrop. The exterior is a course metal, weighing less than 2 pounds. It is primarily made of aluminum. White is absolutely certain that it is an object from the UFO, and has had it tested a number of times.

There has not been an expensive, exhaustive test done on the object, but the tests that have been done show nothing more than elements that exist here on Earth.

Of course, that fact does not eliminate the possibility that it came from a UFO. There is nothing that says that an extraterrestrial craft must be made of elements of which none are found on the Earth.

The unusual piece of metal is now housed in the Museum of the Unexplained in Missouri, where visitors can pay $5.00 to tour the small collection of exhibits, with White's artifact being the main attraction.

White is still hoping that he can pay for expensive testing that will prove once and for all that the object he holds so dearly is really from "another world."

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