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Alien Voices from Space 1

Alien Voices from Space


On 8th January, 1971, Greater London Radio featured a phone-in on the subject of UFOs. At 9.10 PM, a caller announced in a cold, metallic voice that he was speaking from outer space. A guest of the phone-in was the late Ufologist and theosophist, Rex Dutta, who compiled the transcript given below. Assistant Producer: Why are you calling us?

Extraterrestrial: I have not phoned you, I am speaking by thought-transference guided by computer.

AP: What does that mean?

ET: It means how do you do.

AP: Very well. How do you do, Sir?

ET: Yes. Evidence of life in outer space is not visible to Earth eyes except the chosen few who have celestial ability to appertain and to appreciate higher intelligence.

AP: How does the planet Earth rate in your experience? Are we reasonably well developed?

ET: Planet Earth is in for a very difficult time, spinning very fast, making heads of men go round too quickly and think too much about silly little problems. But I think that long-term prospect for Earth is relatively good.

AP: Are you going to help us from wherever you are speaking?

ET: Maybe. That is to be discussed soon at a meeting of the Universal Planet Development Society, and we are considering shortly the special case of Earth.

AP: Have you spoken to Mr Heath? [In those days, the Prime Minister.]

ET: I know of Mr Heath, this gentleman. No? Yes, he is a gentleman. He is at this moment-Mr Heath-yes I can see him. Yes, I see him there. He is at the moment-he is having-he is sleeping, but very quickly he will get up to have his breakfast. He is at the moment not in your country.

AP: No, you are quite right, he is not in our country at the moment. You have spoken to him then?

ET: I have spoken not to him, no. But I have heard him speak, yes. But I have not spoken with him myself.

AP: What do you think the prospects are for this planet?

ET: Well, I tell you that very shortly now on Earth there will be very big trouble.

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