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1989-Battle of the Flying Saucers



The case of a battle of UFOs over Russia has only one redeeming quality, and that is its source. One of the best known Russian investigators Nikolay Subbotin related the story to American sources. This incident took place over the skies of Zaostrovka on September 16, 1989, and involved six silver UFOs and one golden UFO. The case sounds like a science fiction movie plot but does have more of an authentic ring than the Russian Crash of 1989.

Hundreds of Witnesses:

Subbotin claims that hundred of people watched the group of six silver saucers fight against one golden UFO. The UFOs all made incredible moves in the skies-at times flying as low as 5,000 feet, giving a good view to onlookers. Beams of red light constituted the weapon of choice.

Events Published in Newspaper:

A Russian UFO web site claims that a published account of the incident appeared in a Zaostrovka newspaper, "Semipalatinsk." The report was authored by a man who was a helicopter commander in the Russian-Afghan war named Sichenko, who claimed that the energy used by the UFOs was so intense that local power stations were shut down in the city.

Golden Saucer Defeated:

Witnesses who were interviewed by Sichenko claimed that the outnumbered golden UFO was finally defeated, although giving a gallant effort. The defeated UFO lost altitude, finally crashing to the ground. The six victorious UFOs disappeared into the clouds. Subbotin claims that the golden UFO crashed into a bog on a military test range, and the area was zoned off to everyone except military personnel.

Military Team Investigates:

Subbotin, not associated with the military, learned later that a team from the Russian army had searched the area. There were a number of injuries during the operation, according to the testimony of another Russian UFO researcher, Emil Bachurin. Supposedly, it was members of the search and rescue team that leaked information about the retrieval process.


It was reported that the area was high in radiation readings, and eventually the entire range was shut down, with a crew of security personnel guarding the site. The accounts of this case certainly are in need of more eyewitness testimony and documentation before we can accept it as a true account, and until then it is just a story and nothing more.
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