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Alien / Human Contact

Alien Contact with Humans


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Updated March 17, 2010

SETI Still Searching

While SETI continues their search for extraterrestrial contact, a large number of researchers believe that this contact was made many years ago, and continues today.

There are so many ancient references to beings not of this world in writings, paintings, cave drawings, and other artifacts, that it is almost stupid to deny that an alien influence on Earth can be seen throughout history.

That being said, it is my objective in the following article to point out some of the cases of alien contact in the modern era of the studies of UFOs and alien contact.

This first part will address cases from the years 1896 through the decade of the 1960s. I am doing research on cases from then until now, which I will present in another article.

The Beginning of Contact

It is generally accepted by most researchers that human contact with alien beings was first reported as part of a crash retrieval in 1941. The Cape Girardeau Crash Retrieval called for a local minister to come to the scene and administer last rites to several dead aliens.

More evidence would be nice in this case, but it appears that we are locked in with what we have at the present time. Most of the information comes from a granddaughter of the minister.

But the Missouri case may not be the first, if one believes the extraordinary account of two men who claimed to encounter two aliens in 1896. See more details of this case at Attempted Abduction at Lodi, California.

Colonel H. G. Shaw and Camille Spooner recounted an encounter with three, tall alien beings who attempted an abduction. But the aliens' light body mass allowed the two humans to fight them off.

There is also the intriguing case of Cordell Hull, who was Secretary of State under Franklin Roosevelt. As the story goes, Lucile Andrew, the daughter of Reverend Turner Hamilton Holt wrote a letter to the Center of UFO Studies in 1999, relating the details of a case of alien bodies and a UFO vehicle.

She claimed that her father was taken by Hull to a sub-basement in the US Capitol building. There they saw four glass jars with alien creatures, and also a crashed UFO.

This case leaves us wanting more. We are not told when the crash occurred or where. We don't even know if Hull knew himself.

The Roswell Era

Of course, we are all aware of the 1947 Roswell Crash and its many subplots and stories. Numerous witnesses have described seeing dead alien bodies either at the scene of the crash, or in various locked rooms or storage buildings.

Another case of alien contact also occurred in 1947, this time about 20 miles south of Malta. Fishermen working their nets were shocked to see a marine vehicle floating on top of the water.

The fishermen were frightened by the sight, and began to leave the area, when they saw the flash of a bright light. This was followed by the scurrying of a number of small creatures on the strange craft.

The entities, described as about the size of ten-year-old boys, soon disappeared below, and the craft submerged, never to be seen again.

Contact Continues

The time period between the early 1940s and 1959 are filled with other accounts of alien contact. Some of the best known cases are:

Two cases in 1950, one from Varese, Italy, and another from Caracas, Venezuela.

Two cases in 1952, one from Maryland, the other from Kansas.

Two cases in 1954, one from France, the other from Brazil.

Agressive Aliens

1955 would bring about one of the most bizarre cases of alien contact in UFO history. A family in Kentucky would endure a night of terror from strange, alien creatures. Read the details of this fascinating case at The Kelly, Kentucky, Alien Invasion.

In 1957, according to Antonio Villas Boas, a farmer in Brazil, he saw a UFO land as he was plowing on his tractor. From a purple-lit craft, several humanoid-like creatures emerged and took him into their craft for medical testing.

He was stripped naked, and had a strange liquid poured over his body. He was left alone for quite some time before a beautiful, blonde-haired woman joined him. Boas was immediately attracted to her naked body.

Sexual intercourse followed, and shortly thereafter, they had a second sexual encounter. Later, in an interview, Boas stated:

"Before leaving she turned to me, pointed to her belly, and smilingly pointed to the sky."

Antonio went on to become a successful lawyer and still stands by his story today. There have been many accounts of human-alien sexual encounters, but the Boas case is the most well known.

In 1959, one of the very best documented cases of alien contact occurred. Father William Gill, minister of an Anglican church, along with 30+ eyewitnesses in Papua, New Guinea, had several nights of encounters with a UFO. They were able to interact with alien beings. See the details of this great case at The Papua, New Guinea UFOs.

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