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Unidentified Submersible Objects

USOs - Underwater UFOs


Depiction of USO

Depiction of USO

Billy Booth
Updated January 19, 2010

What are USOs?

As we search the mysteries of UFOs, an area that is often overlooked is that of UFOs entering and emerging from water. Often tagged "USOs," these objects have the capability of maneuvering in, through, and out of the water into open spaces. The proper term for this phenomena is "Unidentified Submersible Objects."

To really investigate this subject, we must separate UFOs seen flying over or near lakes and oceans with those which have been reported to enter or emerge from water. This is not to say that a UFO reported over water cannot navigate lakes and oceans, but there may be special properties to those which have reportedly entered or exited the lakes and seas of our world.

Another fact that we should consider is that although the Earth's surface is approximately 75% water, these areas are not nearly as closely monitored as our lands, which of course, contain the vast majority of our populace. It is very possible, even probable, that UFOs navigating our oceans and lakes are very rarely witnessed by human eyes.

UFOs and Water

There have been many reports of UFOs over water, and a much smaller amount of reports of UFOs navigating our lakes and oceans. The question must be asked: "Why do UFOs enter our waters?"

This question can only be answered with several other questions. Do alien beings have a personal need of water? Do alien craft have a use for water? Do aliens have underground bases in our oceans?

From the preponderance of reports, all three of these questions can be answered with a big "Yes." There have been multiple reports of aliens either asking for water for either themselves or for their craft. And reports of UFOs staying underwater for several days without emerging must indicate that they have somewhere to anchor their craft beneath the surface, or have bases under the sea.

These theories bring us to the gist of this article, where I shall bring to light some of the most notable, best documented cases of these UFO underwater events.

South of Malta - 1947

In 1947, about 20 miles south of Malta, fishermen were at work raising and lowering their nets in hope of a big catch. Suddenly they saw an unusual object not too far from their boat. Frightened by the strange object, the fishermen quickly yanked their nets from the sea, fired up their boat, and put distance between themselves and the unknown craft.

Suddenly, a bright light lit up the area around the craft. Small beings could be seen running across the deck of the object. Visible to the fishermen was some type of apparatus around the waist of the beings.

Later after initial reports of the incident were revealed, one of the witnesses claimed that the beings were about the size of a 10-year-old boy. He could see them enter the craft, which soon submerged, never to be seen again.

Golfo Nuevo - Argentina - 1960

In a report released through the History Channel, in 1960, the Argentinean Navy encountered two unknown submerged objects in the "New Gulf," or Golfo Nuevo. This event occurred about 650 miles south of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It was initially thought that the objects were submarines, but this theory was soon dismissed, as the objects appeared to break into smaller pieces, and fly out of the ocean. According to reports by Philip Mantle, these pieces disappeared as they left the water.

Of course, skeptics believe that all that was seen were submarines firing torpedoes, but it was revealed that in 1960, the firing of six or more torpedoes at one time was not possible.

Seattle, Washington - 1966

In 1966, the USS Tiru SS-416 left Pearl Harbor bound for Seattle, Washington, during the Rose Festival. The submarine was set at a pier near downtown Seattle, and toured by thousands of curious individuals.

Unknown at this time was that the sub's trip to Seattle had been far from routine. While cruising on the water's surface one late afternoon, the port lookout reported a strange object at a range of 2 miles bearing 315 degrees relative. The port lookout referred his contact to the starboard and OOD (Object Oriented Design) lookouts.

The three lookouts, using binoculars, were shocked to see a metallic craft, larger than a football field, drop from the clouds into the ocean. It was reported to tumble end over end, hit the water, and disappear among the water geysers and ocean.

When starboard and OOD lookouts confirmed what they had seen, the port lookout related that initially he had seen the object go from the water up into the clouds.

All three lookouts would soon see the object leave the ocean and join the clouds. During the same time period, radar reported a contact at the same range and bearing. Sonar was picking up strange echoes. The Captain was called to the bridge.

The Captain, along with the chief Quartermaster, arrived within minutes. Almost immediately, the unknown object fell from the clouds into the ocean once again. Soon, however, the Tiru moved out of visual contact with the object. The Captain issued an order to all present: Never discuss what they had seen under any circumstances.

The Captain went below and sent a radio message. The witnesses had seen a metallic craft, decked out with machined parts. There appeared to be windows around its circumference. No noise was heard. The object was shaped like a saucer with a bowl inverted in the saucer and it was huge.

Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia - 1967

One of the most well known UFO cases is that of the Shag Harbor Crash of 1967, although it is most difficult to determine if the UFO navigated into the water purposedly, or crashed into the waters.

However, if later eyewitness testimony can be believed, a second craft entered the waters to aid the first craft. It has been reported that the US Navy monitored the objects for quiet some time. This would certainly indicate to me that the first object, possibly in trouble, had used the waters to avoid detection, awaiting aid from the second ship.

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