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Wright-Patterson AFB & Alien Technology

Wright-Patterson AFB & Alien Technology


June Crain

Secretary June Crain

History Channel
His health continued to deteriorate, and by 1985, he had developed a malignant tumor in the spot in the back of his head where he had been buzzed with a device from one of the three men who had found him in the secret room at AVCO. He died the next year at the young age of 43.

His wife, worn down by the ongoing problems, declined to have an autopsy done. Many of the details of Dave's experience came to light in 1992, when Dave's son, Bob, contacted researcher Worley, and related much of what he knew about his father's troubled life. It was his desire that his father's experience be made known to the public.

Another interesting report concerning alien bodies stored at Wright-Patterson AFB comes from one Lt. Col. Marion "Black Mac" Marion Magruder. His story is attributed to his son Mark. "Black Mac" was an individual who was involved in the investigation and subsequent cleanup of the debris from the Roswell crash. Although he was only one of many involved in the secret mission, he is one of only a few whose story has been made public. The WW ll fighter pilot's story was told from his deathbed.

"It was an awesome secret to carry all your life to know that there were more than us on this earth and not to be able to tell any body,"” Magruder said.

He told of being flown with a team to Wright-Patterson in 1947. The group was summoned for their opinion on a "matter of utmost urgency." They were taken into a room, and briefed on an extraterrestrial spacecraft that had crashed two weeks before near the town of Roswell, NM. While in this room, they were given the opportunity to examine the crash debris from the alien ship. Then, they were taken into another room, where they saw an alien being... still alive at the time.

Magruder told his son, "It was alive, but we killed it." This statement is taken to mean that, although medical doctors and other personnel examined and attempted to gain knowledge about the being, the processes used eventually inadvertently cause its demise. Magruder's description of the alien is very similar to other reports from those who were allowed to see the beings... small, spindly, large eyes, and oversized heads. It is most often reported that the Roswell crash yielded four alien beings, three dead and one alive, who lived only briefly.

Another extremely important report of a Wright-Patterson alien connection that has only surfaced in recent years is that of the late June Crain. In an interview archived to audio, she told of her employment in 1942 at the base, and how she was often privy to top secret information. During the Roswell era, she was told of alien bodies being brought to Wright-Patterson from a crash in the New Mexico city in 1947. She also was privileged to be able to handle some of the debris from the downed saucer. She stated in a 1997 interview with researcher James Clarkson that she knew of three crashes that were brought to the base.

Here is a transcript of a small part of that interview.

1997 Audio Interview of June Crain, by James Clarkson

Crain: "There were three times that I am aware of. I won't vouch for the fourth one 'cause I wouldn't..."

Clarkson: "Three crashes that you heard about while you worked there at Wright-Patterson?"

Crain: "One was the Roswell, and there were two others..."

Clarkson: "So as of 1952, they knew about three crashes?"

Crain: "Right, right."

Clarkson: "Of vehicles that were probably extraterrestrial?"

Crain: "Right, right. And then one where they brought the two men into Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and put them in the ice box. I didn't see it... because nobody was allowed to see it."

Clarkson: "OK, then two little men..."

Crain: "He called them 'little green men.' Then he described them as a 'greenish blue.' And they were four foot tall. And they were dead."

Clarkson: "We're talking about non-humans?"

Crain: "Non-humans, right."

June passed away in 1998. When asked why she decided to come forward after so many years, she said: "I'm 72 years old, and what can they do to me, kill me or put me in prison? I can handle it." Another UFO crash case that some researchers try to connect to Wright-Patterson is the one that allegedly occurred in Aztec, New Mexico, in 1948. The information on this particular case is from dubious sources. Originally brought to life in "Behind the Flying Saucers," a 1950 book by author Frank Scully, the case has little merit, and there has never been enough information to consider it as actually occurring. Scully listed a Dr. Gee as the source of the case. It is not known if the so-called doctor was a real person or a character created by Scully just to list a source.

Allegedly, the saucer that crashed was made of extremely strong, light weight material. Nothing on this Earth was able to damage or penetrate this other-worldly material. There is one interesting note about this case, and though I cannot prove this, it has always been my best guess that Agent Scully of the X-files was named after the controversial author, Frank Scully. Some 14-16 dead aliens were pulled from the crash scene, and taken to Wright-Patterson, according to Scully's book.

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