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1968-Two USO Cases



From one of the largest UFO forums comes the real life event of a sea captain. The gentleman, whose name shall be withheld, has been at the helm of foreign ships since 1970. In 1968, he was second officer on Panamax bulk carrier under the Swiss flag, named Grichuna. The ship had departed fully loaded with coal from the United States en-route to Japan. Our witness was on night watch from 00:00 to 04:00 hours, as the ship was off the coast of Florida.

Object Similar to Airplane:

Their speed was about 15 knots moving on calm seas with good weather and visibility. On the command bridge on port side, and gazing at the lights of Palm Beach in the distance, he saw lights under the waters surface 30-40 meters away and about 10-15 meters deep. He could make out an object which appeared to be similar to an airplane, but without wings or tail. He could also see windows lit up.

Under Ships Bow:

He was not able to count the windows, but he estimated them at 10 or more. The USO (Unidentified Submersible Object)was moving with the ship, yet crossing their course by 30 degrees. The speed of the USO was about twice that of the Grichuna. It soon sped under the ship's bow, he estimated the draft at nine meters. There was a seaman on the bridge on standby at the wheel, but he was not told of the sighting at the time.

Moving at 30 Knots:

However, our witness asked him if he had seen anything, and the seaman confirmed seeing a gloom under the water. Both men wondered what they had seen. The witness could rule out some possibilities. He knew it was not a submarine, because submarines do not have windows, and would not have ventured so close to a ship of the size of the Grichuna, which was 250 meters long. Also, thirty knots was beyond he capability of submarines at that time.

Indelible Proof:

With his many years of experience at sea, the second officer was a very reliable witness. Although at times many strange things can be seen at sea, he was familiar with these, and what he saw from his ship this night was beyond anything he had seen before. His story will be indelible proof of the existence of underwater UFOs.

Second Case of USO:

During the same time period on August 7, 1968, an alien abduction occurred which also involved unidentified submersible objects, or USOs. Known as the Buff Ledge Abductions, it is one of the best documented cases of abduction, and one of the very few to involve an underwater UFO.

Underwater Base?:

The abductions involved sixteen-year-old Michael Lapp and nineteen-year-old Janet Cornell, both employees of the Buff Ledge summer camp. While relaxing one afternnoon at a boat ramp, a number of UFOs were seen over Lake Champlain. The UFOs made unbelievable manuevers over and into the lake. Could this sighting and the Atlantic Ocean sighting of our second officer be linked? Very possibly, as the USOs are capable of sky and sea travel, possibly with an underwater base.

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