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UFO Basics


See information on the basic facts of the study of UFOs. From early reports, governmental study groups, and answers to basic questions.
  1. Basic Facts of UFOs
  2. Early UFO Reports
  3. Governmental Study Groups
  4. UFO Photographs

Basic Facts of UFOs

Flying Saucer

Here are some of the basic facts about UFOs. Begin your study of these enigmatic flying machines

Early UFO Reports

Depiction of Roswell Crash

See some of the best known early cases of flying saucers

Governmental Study Groups

See how the US government has been involved in the study of UFOs, with histories of the main study groups.

UFO Photographs

Some of the best proof we have that our planet is being visited from other worlds comes from photographs of unknown flying objects. See some of the very best examples of these images, and also compelling case files that rest heavily on photographic evidence.

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