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UFO Sighting Reports Posted in the Month of November 2013

See UFO reports that are posted in the month of November of 2013

Sighting Reports - Pennsylvania, California, and Florida
See UFO sighting reports from Pennsylvania, California, and Florida

Strange Lights Reported in Wisconsin
Witness observes strange colored lights in Wisconsin

Three UFO Reports - October, 2013
Two UFO reports from California; one from South Korea

October 2013 Reports from Florida, Georgia and Alabama
Eyewitness UFO sightings from Florida, Georgia and Alabama

Orb and Humanoid Report in South Carolina
Three witnesses report UFO over South Carolina

Husband and Wife Report UFO in Oregon
A star-like object morphs into a triangle in Salem, Oregon

Witness Relates UFO Sighting in California
An eyewitness report of a UFO over California

Man and Wife Observe UFO in Salem
Man and wife describe sighting UFO in Salem, Oregon

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