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Orb and Humanoid Report in South Carolina

Multiple Witnesses Reports UFO over South Carolina


Updated October 30, 2013
South Carolina has had a number of great sighting reports. See 2012 UFO Reports from South Carolina, Fighter Jets Monitor UFOs, Four Reports from South Carolina, and UFO Sighted on Carolina Borders.

Lexington, South Carolina - 10-04-13

My friend, his mother and I were heading back from a local movie theater when we traveled down a back road. We hadn't been on the road too long before we noticed something catching our eye off to the right of the vehicle. Passing the object, we paid no mind till breaking in the middle of the lane and reversing. We were the only ones on the road at the time.

The driver of the vehicle, my friend, put it in park before exiting the driver's side. His mother and I watched from the passenger seat and the back. What we saw all of three of describe as; a bright blinding chrome orb that was sitting still at tree top level before moving slowly to the right further across the sky leaving a trail behind it before dissipating into the night.

We had no clue what we had just seen, but we all agreed it was not a normal aircraft or an aircraft at all. We decided to call the local police department to report what we had seen earlier in the evening before feuding about keeping it a secret.

Recurring Orb Sightings

Over a various of months we had seen the orbs multiple more times it began to scare both my friend and I to the point we didn't know what to do; it would do what the first night's orb did. It would move lightly leave a trail and vanish; it was still the same blinding chrome orb, but the freaky sightings had just began.

My friend and his mother have always lived in the woods. He's seen the orbs out there more than twice, but with added affects. He knows what the sounds of the forest should sound like and look like. When he steps out of his home late at night he begins to experience strange sounds unlike any he has heard before and has seen figures described as humanoid, but not quite so. I, on the other hand, have not had the "pleasure" of meeting or hearing such creatures, but I have, like him, seen the orbs on multiple occasions.

We don't personally know how to describe the next experience, but I'll try to. We don't know whether to take this an ironic and unrelated dream, but my friend tends to stay with me in my home every now and again because I mostly live alone.

Unknown Figure Seen in Front Yard

One night while I was asleep, he said he woke up to the light from a street lamp we have in our front yard he moved my curtains to peer out into the yard seeing a sleek, slender, tall man standing motionlessly in the front yard by the lamp.

He said he closed the curtains before returning to peer again and this time the creature was closer than before. He repeated the process till the creature was peering in back at him. He said he tried to wake me to no avail. Ironically he said it stared till day light which is when he "woke up." The creature's facial features where described as bony thin, very pale with solid black eyes.

Orbs Seen Again

The most recent and most creepy and most disturbing one was on Friday, October 4, 2013 at 3:30 am when friend had gone outside by our pool to smoke before rushing back in calling my name and calling me outside. I casually walked outside to see him shaking; almost dropping his cigarette and pale as a ghost.

He said he was looking to the stars before seeing a formation over the home that he had not noticed before he was shocked to see that he recognized the "stars" to be the orbs we've seen before, but in a triangular formation and not emitting a trail as before.

He told me that it had hovered over the home for a few minutes before moving over our pond silently (at tree level) before disappearing and as this was happening he heard nothing; it was completely silent till it disappeared.

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