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Two Witnesses Report UFO over Linesville, Pennsylvania

UFOs over Linesville, Pennsylvania


Updated January 26, 2012
Pennsylvania UFOs

The following report was made to several UFO reporting sites. I have researched and edited the case to present it here. The event occurred in Linesville, Pennsylvania on November 14, 2010.

Pennsylvania is known for a number of UFO cases. The best known is the 1965 Kecksburg Crash, along with the Pennsylvania UFO Wave of 2008, and a 2010 Pilot Report of a UFO near a commercial jet.

There were several witnesses to this sighting, with a man and his girlfriend being the two primaries. While visiting a friend's house on a cold Pennsylvania night, the two, along with some friends were outside by a backyard fire, enjoying a view of the sky.

A Strange Feeling

The male witness had a strange feeling; a feeling of being watched. He walked a short distance from the fire out beside a deserted road to clear his thoughts. In a few moments, he walked back to the fire and brought his girlfriend with him to the road.

He wondered if she too, might sense what he did. He told her of his feelings, and she agreed with him. She also felt like she was being watched. As they gazed into the sky, they noticed a star or planet that seemed very bright. He joked with his girlfriend, saying: "Look there they are!"

The Large Triangle

He then sensed or felt a "flash" behind him. He immediately spun around and looked up. He saw an extremely large triangle-shaped object in the sky. He could see stars through the transparent object. The stars behind it looked squiggly, like seeing fish in an aquarium. As the object slowly moved, the stars it uncovered were crystal clear.

He had only a small interest in UFOs, but he had seen reports of triangle-shaped objects before. What he was seeing was totally different than what he previously knew about the triangles. The three points of the triangle left a blue-green trail of light behind them. This light illuminated the entire craft.

The large craft was slowly moving, actually lighting up the sky as it went. It made not a sound as it continued across the sky. As he watched the object in awe, suddenly it picked up speed, quickly leaving its image behind as the short streaks of blue-green trail lengthened across the night sky.

He was stunned by what he saw. In only a moment or two, the large UFO had either disappeared or stopped so far away it was not visible to the naked eye. Since the triangle was transparent, it could have stopped, but would not be visible at a great distance from the witness.

A Second Object

What he had seen reminded him of a space ship from "Star Trek" when it went into warp speed. As he gave up on finding the triangle, he turned his attention back to his girlfriend, who was also gazing into the sky. She pointed out the object to him; it appeared to be a star moving rapidly across the sky.

At first, the object was moving in a straight line, but then it took a semi-circle direction, as if avoiding something in its path. The turn that the object made was accomplished at the same speed, showing a fluid, quick change of direction. He states that no known plane could have made the maneuver.

Soon, the object faded from view. As it did, he asked his girlfriend if she had seen the triangle. She had not, her attention being on the star-like object. He then exclaimed:

"No one's going to believe us; that was crazy!"

The two were so taken with what they had seen, their attention on the sky was heightened. They spent the rest of the night watching the sky. They saw 14 different airplanes, but no more UFOs. Finally, as day broke, the skies were full of chemtrail.

What were the two unknown objects that our witnesses saw? Why were the planes leaving chemtrail? Is this a coincidence, or could the chemtrail have something to do with the UFOs?

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