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Unidentified Object over Florida Reported

UFO over Florida


Updated January 20, 2012

The account below details an impressive sighting that took place in St. Augustine, Florida on January 19, 2012. The eyewitness report follows:

Let me start by saying I am an occasional sky watcher. I have never seen anything that was unusual enough to make a UFO report in my 35 years. I have lived in Florida for many years.

Florida is certainly no stranger to UFO related phenomena. Also see Florida Policeman Reports UFO, Two Families Encounter UFO in Davenport, Florida, and of course the Gulf Breeze Sightings.

Jet Seen First

I got off work at 7:15 PM tonight. I went to the gas station across the street to fuel up. As I began to refuel I heard a jet flying by headed, what sounded like, in a southeast direction.

It was fairly low by the sound of it, but I was unable to see it due to the station canopy. I thought nothing of it because it's not the first time I've witnessed/heard night flights from the local military bases.

While driving home on I-95 from Jacksonville to Saint Augustine, I saw a stationary, bright light that I initially thought was a comet, due to what seemed like a small tail.

I found it very off and out of place. I moved my head around to judge whether or not it was just a reflection from the windshield. It wasn't.

I also adjusted my glasses to see if it was a smudge or reflection from them. As I was doing that, the "tail" brightened, and I was able to tell that it was neither and it was definitely a beam of light, not very long, coming from the star-like light.

Unknown Object Moves Across Sky

It began moving slowly from west of I-95 to east. As I got closer I could also see, in the beam, what appeared to be smoke or mist as it moves through a beam of light.

I watched it move approximately 1 mile across the sky in an eastward direction over a two minute period. About 3/4 of the way through, it started to slowly gain altitude as well and I could no longer distinguish the short beam.

After the two minutes it hovered, with no beam for another minute; just a bright, star-like light. Then it just disappeared.

I thought, "Oh, my God, with the heck was that?" I thought that maybe it went behind clouds, but there were none to speak of. It was pretty much a cloudless night.

I considered that it could have been a helicopter with a searchlight, and it could have been, but the altitude was way too high for the light to have done any good.

Not a Conventional Craft

It appeared to be at least 600 feet off the ground when I first spotted it, and the beam was only visible for maybe 70 feet of that distance and I don't know that searchlights get three times brighter or have adjustable intensity settings. Maybe they do.

The object wasn't using it for navigation purposes, because it was pointed in the opposite direction as it was heading.

I wasn't the only person to have seen it either, because the traffic slowed down as it passed over the interstate and I noticed a few vehicles parked on the shoulder of I-95 most likely watching the same thing.

I later realized the jet I heard earlier was headed in that direction and not towards the closest base. It would have been heading southwest if that were the case, not southeast.

As I got home I searched the sky for a bit and noticed Venus. Using that as a reference, I would say the object was at least twice as big and bright as it is.

I mentioned at the beginning that I was an "occasional" sky watcher. I like looking for unexplained things, but remain on the skeptical side. This is the first time I've seen something that didn't seem it could have an easy explanation, so I submitted this in hopes of getting a reasonable explanation.

Let me know if you have one. Did anyone else make a report on this? If so, I would like to talk to them.

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