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Man and Daughter Encounter UFOs in Massachusetts

UFOs Encountered in Massachusetts


Updated February 11, 2012

There are numerous mysterious places in this world associated with triangles. The most well-known is the Bermuda Triangle. Also noteworthy is the Bridgewater Triangle.

Here is a first-hand report from a man and his daughter from the Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts that occurred on 02-05-12.

The most well-known case from Massachusetts relating to UFOs is the 1967-The Betty Andreasson Abduction.

Exploring Bridgewater

I was exploring Bridgewater when I saw a chrome dome poking out from the trees. The bright sun reflected off of it. Then I saw a small shiny object quickly move to right, leaving a blur trail and then disappearing as if it vanished.

I decided to go exploring parts of Massachusetts with my daughter on a Sunday afternoon, I just wanted to get out of the house and explore the state further to see what was in the opposite direction of where we frequent more often.

We went through Dighton, Taunton, and Raynham; then continued driving through Bridgewater. I kind of lost my way turning onto a side road. It is a very rural area with lots of fields and trees; a farming county.

There were houses, but mostly the trees obstructed their view. There were a lot of long, hidden driveways also.

First UFO Seen by Father

As we were driving along, my daughter was in the passenger seat just looking at the scenery. I could see ahead of us that the road sloped down some, and wound around a bit. It was then that I noticed to my left, above the tree tops, a large dome-shaped object barely visible above the trees.

It was highly reflective, to the point that it hurt my eyes. With the area being a farming community, the first thing that I thought of was that I was seeing was a tall, grain silo. The idea that it was a UFO did enter my mind.

Second UFO Seen by Daughter

Suddenly my daughter said "Did you see that? Oh my God!"

I asked, "What am I supposed to be looking at? Where are you looking?

She was pointing toward the clearing of the sky which would have lined up with the road if you had drawn a straight line, just much higher up. The tree tops would have been much lower, making the object very visible at the position we were.

"Did you see that? Oh, my God!" "What am I supposed to be looking at? What am I supposed to see? Where are you looking at?" She pointed her finger in the sky above the road the whole time never taking her eyes off of it. I could not see what she had seen, but nonetheless I kept trying. I asked her again, "What exactly did you see?"

She described it as having a reflective surface, with a disc-like shape the size of a quarter (or a little less) if held out at arm's length. She said it was there once second hovering and then left so quickly it made a blur streak and disappeared as if into thin air.

I quickly looked toward the tree tops to the left, as we were coming up on the spot where I had seen the chrome, domed object right before my daughter had alerted me to look elsewhere.

Where Have All the UFOs Gone?

But at this time, I could not see it due to the elevation of the road dropping. We were rounding the corner so again, I was still expecting to see a farm on the other side.

When we got to the other side of the thick row of trees and beyond the curve of road, there was no farm. There was no silo. There was just a large open field.

There was no sign of anything but trees, and a field, and then as we continued on, more trees, more fields, a few houses here and there. I just kept driving forward, never stopping to turn around and go back and drive the same route to see if there would still be a chrome dome or even pull over to get my GPS out so we could start home from where we currently were.

I kept driving... wondering if what I saw right before what my daughter saw, was one of the same but at different altitudes. We did make it to the main road and an exit to bring us back home and I did share to my daughter what I thought I saw and what it might have been.

Later, when we had more time to compare notes, she is sure that what she saw was similar, but much smaller. We believe that possibly there were several UFOs in the area, and we happened to have seen two of them.

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