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What's Happening in Alabama in 2012?

UFOs over Alabama


Updated July 24, 2012

Here are some of the best UFO reports this year to date from the state of Alabama. Alabama is not known as a hotspot for UFOs, but there have been some significant reports.

The best known sighting over Alabama is the Chiles-Whitted Encounter. Also see Mother and Daughter Encounter UFO, and one from a reader: Reader Relates UFO Sighting over Alabama.

Adamsville - 02-07-12 The eyewitness says that they had opened the back door to let the dogs out, and then stepped out onto the porch. He then saw a bright light in the shape of a sphere. The object was partially obscured by trees.

Thinking at first that it was a star, he then saw that the UFO became more visible through the tree limbs; it was moving, and could not be just a star.

After about two minutes, the object began to move toward Birmingham. It was moving faster than a conventional plane, and there were several red lights which seemed to move in a circular pattern around the sphere. Earlier, when the object seemed to hover, these lights were not visible.

In conclusion, the witness said: "I'm not sure if it was even a UFO, it just seemed like a very strange occurrence to me, and I've never seen an aircraft do that before."

Centre - 05-04-12

At about 3:00 PM, the witness was sitting outside at an RV park, watching the scenery at Weiss Lake. While looking toward the East, an unknown, white object became visible high over the lake. For a moment, the witness thought it was just a plane, but that thought was soon dismissed.

The object was spherical, but was much wider than tall, and since it was quiet at the time, the witness was surprised that absolutely no sound could be heard coming from the UFO.

The object was so clear that the eyewitness could see windows in the mid-section spanning its width. After watching the strange craft for three minutes or more, he was shocked to see a second, similar object, about a 1/2 mile farther away than the first.

The witnesses' attention was now back on the first object since it was closer. To his utter disbelief, it simply disappeared right before his eyes. He continued to hone in on the UFO to see if it might reappear, but it did not. Soon, the second object disappeared.

Soon a neighbor pulled up, and was immediately told about what had transpired. At that time, a third object appeared. The neighbor thought at first it was a plane, but soon changed his mind after closing in on the object with his binoculars. After a moment or two, it too disappeared.

Montgomery - 05-19-12

The eyewitness from Montgomery states: I was in my backyard on my hammock about 4:30 PM, looking towards the South when I saw what seemed to be a light of some type. It was definitely reflecting sunlight, but in a flash motion, not continually.

The object was visible for at least ten minutes with almost no movement. I took out my cellphone to attempt to get a record of it, but I could not get the camera function to zoom, so it was useless.

I called my fiancé as a witness, but then it became very cloudy, and we could only see the object slowly moving away. I am fairly well versed on conventional aircraft, but this was not one of those.

Trussville - 06-26-12

The witness from Trussville saw a very fast, large, bright UFO over Chalkville Mountain Road. It seemed to be a very large star, but it could not have been since it moved across the entire sky in 3-4 minutes. It would brighten, then dim, and also appeared larger, then smaller.

My girlfriend was present and saw the same thing I did; also we called the neighbor across the street that saw the object for a short period of time. None of us heard any sound from the UFO.

Another odd thing was the way it seemed to disappear; it was slowly getting smaller and smaller, but then all of a sudden, it was just gone. I have watched many planes fly over Chalkville Mountain Road, but nothing like this. I do not believe this was from Earth.

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