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What's Happening in Alaska

UFO Encounters in Alaska


Updated July 18, 2012

This is part one of a two-part report on UFO sightings in the state of Alaska for 2012. If you have not read my report on the JAL 1628 Encounter, be sure to check it out.

Anchorage - 01-01-12

Around 7:30 PM, I saw 5 lights traveling in the same direction from the southeast to the northeast. One alone at first, then another one, then two side by side then one more.

They were fairly evenly spaced; almost like military planes returning from a sortie. However, what caught my eye is how slow they were flying. There was also a steady glow that cycled between a red-orange and yellow.

Suddenly, at the same point in the sky, they all appeared to go straight up and then disappear. The other noticeable characteristic was that there wasn't any engine noise at all; there was complete silence, leading me to believe they weren't helicopters.

I am an electrician and have wired many runways, so I am familiar with airplane lights and runway lights along with FAA standards. These were not airplanes of any conventional standard, I assure you.

Metlakatla - 02-12-12

Although this report is from a 4-year-old, Ken Davenport of NUFORC.org talked to the boy's father, and was convinced that the report was legitimate and of value.

My son saw a UFO near the small town of Metlakatla. I was outside with him reading the news on my phone and watching him and his friends playing tag in a playground right outside of our house.

My son runs by me and I see him in the corner of my eye; he comes to a dead stop. I don't think anything of it and continue reading the news. My son says a couple seconds later; "how did that happen?"

I look over at him and he's looking up in the sky with a confused look on his face. Glancing up where he's looking, I see nothing and ask him what he meant.

He was kind of at a loss for words and eventually says, "it was there then it disappeared." He says this 2 times trying to explain the best a 4-year-old could. His eyes got a little bigger and he says with excitement, "I see a spaceship."

I was caught off guard and now I was at a loss for words. I say, "what do you mean?" Then with more confidence and having a better idea of what my son was talking about, he points up in the sky and says a spaceship was there then disappeared.

I then ask him, "you saw a spaceship?" He says with excitement, "yes, it was right there!"

I immediately start walking my son to my house which is across the street from the playground, and ask him to agree to come with me and say, "I want you to draw me what you saw."

Halfway to my house I stop my son and tell him to close his eyes and imagine the spaceship. After 2 seconds or so I ask him if he sees it. He responded, "yes."

I then pick him up and rush him into the house. As I'm looking for a pen and paper, I explain to my wife what my son is claiming he saw. She was looking at me like I was crazy.

When I finish explaining to my wife what just took place I lay a pen and paper in front of my son and tell him to draw what he saw.

He draws a flying saucer. I draw with my son almost every day, but we have never drawn a flying saucer or anything of the sort. The closest thing we have ever drew to a flying object is a small float plane which we see every day.

As his father I can confidently say that his reaction was a REAL reaction. The look on his face was of REAL surprise and the confused look on his face was REAL.

His story when he was trying to explain it to me was a REAL story that was coming from what he really did see. I have the drawing hanging up on my fridge.

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