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What's Happening in Arkansas?

UFOs over Arkansas in 2012


Updated July 25, 2012

In this article we are taking a look at some of the sightings reported in Arkansas this year. Arkansas is not one of the biggest reporting states, but does have a few accounts on record. Be sure to see UFO Encounter in Fayetteville, , UFO Sightings - Arkansas, and Air Force Pilot Photographs UFOs over Van Buren.

Paris - 06-25-12

Tonight my husband and I were outside taking an evening swim and while floating on top of the water noticed a bright light moving quickly and rather low compared to the airplanes we had seen previously while being out there.

As it got closer, I noticed it looked as if it had some sort of spotlight that I saw shine twice. It did not shine down on the ground from where I was, but I did see the light in the air. No lights were blinking on the aircraft and it was not making any noise that we could hear.

As it flew by, the light in front of the craft lit up enough that I saw the object was a gray color and appeared to be a disk shape with something on top.

This area has also been experiencing some electrical power outages in a neighboring community. After seeing this, it made me wonder if they could be related. I have never seen anything like this and have no idea what it is. It scared me and I hope to not see it again, but felt it should be reported.

Conway - 04-27-12

My sister and I were driving west on I-40 approaching Conway, when we saw several lights at various heights on the south side of the interstate. My initial thought was that they were streetlights going up a tall mountain, but even though it was dark, we could see sky behind them and remembered that there are no mountains that tall around Conway.

The lights were staggered and did not form a pattern as far as we could tell. My sister thought maybe they were several radio towers, but the highest ones were way too high to be radio towers and the lights (whitish-yellow) did not blink.

The distance that the lights were staggered was large in both height and width, giving the appearance that they spread out over at least a mile. As we approached the lights, I wondered if they were Chinese Lanterns, but they appeared to be stationary and did not appear to flicker.

There could be a logical explanation for these lights, but I cannot find anything on the Web that matches. We do not live in Arkansas, so we don't know who to ask.

Eudora - 02-20-12

My daughter and I were driving from Greenville, MS to Lake Providence, LA. About 5 miles North of Eudora, Arkansas I noticed a very bright light in the sky to the East and approximately at a 60 degree angle from the road I was driving on.

This time of year, the days are longer, and even though it was partly cloudy, it was still bright out. THAT is what made me question what it was that I was seeing. The brightness of this light, it was so very bright for that time of day.

It also did not move and it didn't blink or anything. The only way I can explain it is a very, very bright star, but not twinkling. My daughter also saw this light. We watched it as the clouds moved behind it, making us believe it couldn't be a star/planet if we could see the clouds moving behind it.

I continued to drive; we both watched it for a good 3 to 5 minutes before it went behind a cloud. We never saw it again. I continued to look in that general location in the sky, however, I never saw anything else that I could pass off as being what I saw during the daylight.

I came home and googled planets, read that we should be able to see 5 planets this month, but all of which would be in the West, and rising at dusk or later. I don't know what we saw, but thought that it might be interesting to report it here.

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