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Three See Triangle UFO over Arizona

Triangle UFO over Maricopa, Arizona


Updated November 05, 2011
Doing Some Sky Watching

A gathering of three friends in a backyard in Maricopa, Arizona, would become a night to remember. The three friends often gathered for some sky watching, and at times they might see something that puzzled them, but in a moment or so, whatever it was would be gone and they would think nothing else about it.

However, on October 21, 2011, things would change as the three would finally see something other than shooting stars, the ISS, stars or a distant planet. As they talked and watched the skies, one of them saw something unusual - 3 points of light which formed a triangle shape.

The object or objects were about 50 degrees above the horizon, and moving fairly quickly. He yelled to his two partners, "Hey, look at that."

The other two only took a moment to spot the triangle shape of lights. The first observer never took his eyes away from the object, being afraid if he lost it, he would not be able to locate it a second time.

Triangle Sightings

As we know, sightings of triangle shaped objects, or multiple objects in a triangle formation are fairly common these days, but this time there would be something a little different; a second object that appeared to be following the triangle's path across the sky.

The following object was not like the triangle, it was a lone light, yet its brightness matched the main object. Using his hand at arms' length as a measuring tool, the second object followed the main object by about two hand widths.

The triangle object had one point of light on its leading edge, and two other lights, one on each flank. Its brightness was pretty much equal to that of a typical star. Our witness was not unfamiliar with the night sky as he often tracked satellites on computer software.

Object Moving at High Rate of Speed

He estimated that the object was moving 3-4 times the speed of a satellite. What he and his friends were seeing this night was totally different than anything they had seen before. The triangle's size was the same size as a penny held at arm's length.

The night sky was practically clear with the exception of one small cloud in the distance. The objects passed above the lone cloud, then soon disappeared. There were many stars in the sky, but he could not know for sure if the object would mask them as it passed by, because its path was only in the clear sections of sky.

The group of friends lived out of town in the desert, where it is normally very quiet. This did not change on this night, yet no sound could be heard coming from either of the two unknown objects. Any type of plane that passed over was very easily heard.

The first object, the triangle, was difficult enough to try to explain, but the following object made this sighting even more of a mystery. Quite often, small UFOs do enter our atmosphere, and they are thought to be a type of scout ship, with a larger mother ship waiting somewhere in the skies above.

But, possibly in this case, the observers had seen both the mother ship and scout ship. The amateur astronomer thought that if the objects were in our atmosphere, they were traveling at 1.750 mph. If they were in space, their speed could be estimated at 2,000 mph.

After the object had left their view, the three observers watched the skies for another 1/2 hour hoping to see something else, but they saw nothing else out of the ordinary.

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