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UFO Seen for Hour over Indiana

UFO Sighting over Indiana - April, 2012


Updated May 16, 2012

The following report was first sent to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). It details a report of an unknown flying object of a sphere-shaped UFO that sat motionless in the sky for at least two minutes.

Since the so-called beginning of the modern age of UFOs, the disc or saucer shape has been the most reported shape of a UFO. But in time, a variety of other shapes began to be reported. Among these were the cigar, oval, rectangle, and most recently, the triangle.

The sighting occurred near Leo, Laotto and Garrett, Indiana on April 17, 2012. The entire sighting spanned nearly one hour.

Interestingly, the state of Indiana was one of the very first states to offer a course in UFOs at Indiana University- Purdue University Fort Wayne's Division of Continuing Studies

Here is what the eyewitness states:

Eyewitness Account

I went out on my front porch of house to have a cigarette at approximately 11:50 PM. Soon, I noticed a very bright light through trees directly behind me. My first reaction was that it was a planet (though it did not have the characteristic that stars usually do.

I watched the object sit in the sky for at least two minutes. I mean it never moved an inch during this time. Then, it began to reposition itself.

Clearing the trees, it was now where I could see it without any obstructions. At this time, it again hovered in the sky for several minutes as I watched in awe.

Soon after this time period it began to slowly move to the East. It then stopped briefly, then began to track back in the same direction it had come from. I saw this very clearly.

Object's Description

The intensity, shape, and color of the object appeared to remain constant throughout. At this point, I got in my car to reposition myself once again, following it toward the Auburn Auction Park from Leo area.

At this point, I could see the object clearly, and it appeared to be moving away from me in a western direction (possibly just north of highway 3). I continued to follow the object through LaOtto on Highway 205.

At this point, it appeared to be north and west of my position on the highway. I maintained intermittent view of the object when the trees did not obstruct my view. I lost sight of the object about 5 miles before reaching Churubusco.

The last time I had an eye on the object was at approximately 12:30 AM, somewhere on 205 between Laotto and Churubusco.

Witness Background and Experience

My background is in graphic design, and has lived near airports all of my life. As a matter of fact, I had foolishly rented 2 different apartments directly under airport landing paths, so I have seen as many airplanes as anyone.

The witness was extremely impressed by the intensity of the object he saw, and the fact that in all of his years watching planes and helicopters, he had not seen anything even close to what he saw this day. He knew it could not be any kind of conventional craft because of how low it flew.

There were other aircraft in the air during the duration of the sighting, but they were totally different in shape, size, color and altitude.

He is very curious to find out if anyone in the Auburn, Churubusco, Leo, Laotto, Garrett, or Kendalville area witnessed the same thing he did. He estimates that he traveled over twenty miles chasing the object and was able for the most part to keep watch on the UFO.

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