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Unknown Lights, Energy Beam in Oregon

Bizarre Event in Redmond, Oregon


Updated May 22, 2012

A very bizarre event occurred on May 19, 2012 in Redmond, Oregon. This event involved lights in the sky and an elderly man being injured by some type of energy beam.

The woman involved was doing dishes. Her sink has a window in front of it, allowing a view of the grounds around one side of the home. The land is part of the Oregon/Washington BLM, or Bureau of Land Management. The program makes use of 16 million acres, setting it outside for wildlife, recreation, timber harvest, livestock grazing, mineral extraction and more.

While she was finishing up the family dishes, she noticed two glowing objects that would have been over BLM land. The objects appeared to be at least 20 feet apart. They were sitting in the sky, looked to be of a rectangular shape, with a bluish color.

Wife/Husband Examine Lights

It was after 9:00 PM when she called her husband to come and take a look at the two objects/lights in the sky. After briefly discussing it, they at first thought that the lights must be coming from someone camping on BLM land. If this was true, it would be the first campers ever in 10 years of living there.

They knew that the area was difficult, yet not impossible to access. Possibly some campers or hikers had used ATVs to set up camp. The couple had their 3 grandchildren staying with them at the time, and soon they were in the kitchen looking at the lights and worriedly saying, "Those are UFOs."

To get to the bottom of the mystery, they decided that good old dad should take his flashlight and go far enough to at least confirm that the mystery lights were indeed from campers. This was done primarily to calm the grandchildren down.

Trip into the Woods

As the man began trudging through the forest in the direction of the lights, he got about 100 feet away when he felt an extremely painful, intense sensation on the side of his head. He would later discribe it as a "zapping, electrical charge." He reached his hand up to the spot of the pain, and the next thing he knew he was on the ground.

Being a 76-year-old man, his first thought was that he had suffered a brain aneurysm. He had heard others describe this, and thought it might be his turn to die.

In a moment or two, he regained his composure, and struggled to stand up. He seemed to have no permanent injuries. Though still stunned, he slowly made his way back to the house, privately telling his wife what had transpired. They did not want to alarm the grandchildren.

Grandma attempted to placate the children by getting them ready for bed, and claimed that the lights were nothing to be concerned about. She was worried about her husband, but tried to remain calm. A quick glance through the window verified that the lights were still there at 11:00 PM.

She attempted to take over, and decided to go explore the lights for herself, but her husband would not allow it. He promised that they would find out more the next morning. The next day was Sunday, so the family got dressed and took off to attend church first.

Looking for Clues

After arriving home, the husband and wife took off into the woods to try to discover what they had seen the night before. They searched the area fully, but found nothing to explain the mystery. There were no tire marks, no footprints, nothing.

The ground, for the most part, was bare with the area being populated by Juniper trees. Any type of prints or marks should be able to be seen.

They were at a loss to explain what they had seen the night before, and what had hurt the husband. They comtemplated taking the husband to a doctor, but what were they going to tell him? The husband's health has been fine since the incident.

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