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Looking for Proof in All the Wrong Places (2)

Looking for Proof in All the Wrong Places (2)


In my <link url=http://ufos.about.com/od/ufoskeptics/a/proofneeded1.htm]last article, we discussed some of the different ways that people attempt to prove that an intelligence intelligence beyond our Earth exists. We have also shown the uselessness of those professing personal contact with extraterrestrial intelligence as there is no way to prove this communication. We are not here to disprove, but to prove. One might ask why just good old eyewitness testimony is not sufficient proof of UFOs. The answer is that it is enough for those predisposed to believe in UFOs. but take this eyewitness testimony to a scientist, and see how far you get. They will probably agree that you saw something, even something unusual, but that is where it ends. It proves only that you saw something.

Most arm chair Ufologists today have access to many new reports of UFO sightings, and again those who are interested to begin with find these reports stimulating and of great interest. But to the skeptic, they are nothing more than ordinary people misidentifying ordinary objects.

Taking the eyewitness testimony to the next level, we might have an eyewitness sighting of a UFO accompanied by photographic or video evidence. In my opinion, and I am certainly not alone here, there are many cases of photographic and video evidence that are extremely compelling. It would take quite some time for me to go into the media evidence, but suffice it to say, the debunkers always have an alternate explanation for a good UFO photograph.

A good photograph of an identified object is much more difficult to deal with for the skeptic than a simple sighting report. Here we have some "hard evidence." Something you can put in your hand, something that can be analyzed. Even some of the very best UFO photographs still stand as verified proof of the existence of UFOs after 50 years, although if you are looking for an alternate theory for the object in question, you can always find one: a hubcap thrown into the air, a toy or other object thrown into the air, and then photographed, a balloon, a bird, a conventional aircraft, and the latest entry Chinese Lanterns. The problem for the believer is to find a way to prove that an unidentified object is not one of the above, and even if you could, that does not prove that the object is of extraterrestrial origin.

The advent of computer graphic software has created a big problem in the moving image category. It is great that this new inexpensive software is able to create such realistic looking scenes of flying discs and other types of UFOs. They are a lot of fun to watch, but the problem here is that the debunkers will tell you that any recent video of a UFO is suspect, because it may have been created with 3-D software. With many of these creations being done by people that are difficult if not impossible to make contact with, it is extremely difficult to prove that a UFO is of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Another area of interest is the enigma of crop circles, allegedly these are formations made in crop fields by extraterrestrial spacemen. These designs in farmers' fields were first associated with extraterrestrial intelligence because one night they were not there, and the next morning they were. It was not very long, that several different groups of individuals came forward and admitted making the designs, all in the name of fun. This created a problem: If a good number of designs were created by mere humans, did that mean that ALL of them were? Believers say no, skeptics ask for proof that the designs are made by extraterrestrials. An impossible task, to say the least. A related subject to crop circles are the impressions made by UFOs: two of the very best cases are the Delphos, Kansas glowing ring, and the Tully Saucer nest.

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