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Looking for Proof in All the Wrong Places (3)

Looking for Proof in All the Wrong Places (3)


In searching for that irrefutable proof of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence, what we need is more than just trace evidence. The reason for this is that soil indentations, landing marks, tree and vegetation damage prove something happened, but the source of the influence cannot be proven beyond a doubt. Many cases that involve trace evidence also have eyewitness testimony.

As we have previously stated, however, eyewitness testimony, even from the most reliable individual, can always be contested, or explained away with an alternate theory. There have been a number of excellent UFO landing cases where we have good trace evidence, but again, the believer will view the evidence as positive for extraterrestrial influence, and the skeptic will simply find an alternate explanation.

Anyone that looks at the Roswell case with an open mind must believe that something "not of this world" crashed there in 1947. There are too many eyewitness accounts of the crash sites, the debris, and the alien bodies. Yet, today the general public is still split about 50/50 on this monumental case. Again, we are in a combative situation trying to impress our beliefs on others. Anything that you are passionate about, you want to share with others.

With today's technology, we have better tools to use in our search for the ultimate proof of extraterrestrial intelligence. But, have these been beneficial in our search? Personal computers have opened up a new world of rapid communication. A good UFO report from the other side of the world can be read from almost any place in the world in a matter of minutes. Yet again, we that are pro-UFO read the report, discuss it among ourselves for a few days, and then it is unfortunately forgotten, and/or replaced by two or three more reports, and these reports are ongoing, and intriguing. However, this does not get us any closer to our ultimate goal.

Our fast evolving technology has also brought us digital cameras that will take rapid fire photographs, video cameras with extended range of zoom, and cutting edge software to examine photographs and video film. And although we have many good shots of UFOs with more clarity than ever before, we still do not have that holy grail of UFOs, that one photograph or video film that cannot be disputed as proof of intelligence from another world.

Everyday we are seeing and hearing more on UFOs and aliens, not just on the Internet, but television, movies, and books are laden with the influence of aliens, although often in a gleeful or comical manner. This tells us that more people than ever before are at least exposed to the possibility that life beyond our world may exist. But what would it take to prove that aliens really exist?

SETI continues to search the universe for a signal from beyond our Earth, yet how are we to know that this contact has not already been made? Will we be informed when and if it happens? A number of countries are now launching space craft to the far reaches of the heavens, discovering new planets that might be suitable for life. New expeditions are planned for the Moon and Mars, furthering our knowledge of the universe. And although some governments have chosen to release UFO-related documents to the general public, what must remain still hidden in secret files?

These files are controlled by small groups of individuals, a government within a government, who harbor them with the belief that the general public cannot be entrusted with this knowledge. This position taken by governments will no doubt continue, and no proof will come from these sources.

So, in conclusion, we ask the question, "What will it take for us to see definitive proof that there is intelligence on other worlds?" We have all heard the old statement, they wouldn't believe it if a UFO landed on the White House lawn. Well, that is exactly what it would take to finally convince the remaining doubters of our everyday citizenry, and the scientific community that the something really is out there.

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