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Looking for Proof in All the Wrong Places

Looking for Proof in All the Wrong Places


Everyone who has an interest in UFOs also contemplates that if these craft are being piloted or even remotely controlled by beings not of this world, where they come from, and if they seek contact with Earthlings now, or in the future. As we know, there are many well documented cases of alien abduction, and even though these are constantly being ridiculed by the non-believers, they still tantalize to offer possible proof of interaction between humans and some other race of beings.

However, as far as scientific proof goes, alien abduction has not provided bona fide evidence of this inter-species relationship. The closest thing to real proof has been the work of a few surgeons who claim to have removed various types of implants from abductees. These are thought to be a type of communications device, whether for aliens being able to find and track their unlucky human subject, or alert him to a clandestine rendezvous with the alien race. If there exists some absolute proof of these devices, I have not seen it. It always seems that every time we read that a removed specimen is to be analyzed for alien properties, we never hear the "rest of the story." If an implant was found to be constructed of material only found on Earth, would that necessarily preclude that the object could not have come from the stars?

Also, the Betty Hill star map is extremely compelling, though its proof is only found in a finite knowledge of astronomy, and depends heavily on your perception as to where you are looking at in a given moment of space and time. It would have been nice if they had given Betty something more simple as proof of the Hill abduction. If one of the grays had only allowed Betty to keep the book she was promised. Then again, this would have been debunked, and we have no way of knowing how far this would have gone in actually proving the Hill abduction to more than just the die-hard UFO believer.

There are also the channelers, who claim to be able to communicate with consciousness from planets or galaxies far away. The evidence provided by these individuals who claim a "sixth sense" or "higher sensitivity" to the minds of us who live in the real world falls light years short of any type of conclusive evidence. This is no better than claims of psychic predictions. The majority of these cannot be proven one way or the other, although there can be little doubt that there are those who possess a "gift" as it were, in this area. I have no doubt that there are those individuals who help law enforcement solve crime with their special gifts, but then again this has no relationship to alien consciousness, and serves no purpose to the field of Ufology.

There will always be those weak and searching individuals who are easily lured to follow a power hungry madman who makes fantastic claims of "special status," such as morality, spirituality, and godliness. The willingness to follow these self-proclaimed gurus is how cults are formed, and as history will reveal, these almost always have a sad and tragic end. And what scientific purpose does these groups offer? Absolutely nothing. What benefit is there to the UFO researcher? Again, there is nothing worthy in their beliefs or concepts that advance the cause of UFO research. It is humanity at its worst that believes a UFO is following a comet, and will redeem us. In the case of Heaven's Gate, there was not even the offer of a fuzzy, out-of-focus photograph to bait the would be believer. And they still followed.

The different and varied groups that fall under the privately funded SETI projects are always open-minded and hopeful that one day a signal from another civilization will be detected, and that possibility is a real, albeit, slim one. The vastness of space offers literally millions of targets, and SETI is counting on another race of beings that think like we do. The race must be emitting some type of radio signal into space, either purposely or inadvertently, that we can detect. Unfortunately, we cannot be sure that other beings will fit this standard. The possibilities are endless, but to say the least, they may not use the same type of communication that we do, and never hear a signal from us, or even if they did, not return a signal. Even if the last scenario was true, how long would it take for either party to get their part of the two-way communication?

These different types of attempts to go "beyond" our natural ability to reach the stars have to this point, brought us no closer to our ultimate goal of understanding our own limitations, and our presupposed belief that any intelligent race of beings must be more advanced than we are. Maybe they are, in some respects, but not so, in other areas. This we do not know. This is nothing more than interesting speculation. We are looking for the physical, undeniable proof of UFOs. We have proof positive that there are many cases of UFOs leaving physical traces behind, and interacting with our environment, but we cannot ascertain as yet the origin of this proof. Were these craft from our own government? Were they from a distant planet or another dimension?

In my next article, I will deal with the types of evidence we need to prove our case for extraterrestrial intelligence.

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