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Readers Relates UFO Encounters

Two Encounters in Wisconsin


Updated April 20, 2012

The following report was sent to me by one of our readers. He is relating two encounters he has had in Wisconsin. He states:

It all happened; I'm sure of it. Both of my experiences are extremely vivid memories. I read many of the reports on your site, and found many with great similarities to my own story.

Following are the descriptions of my two encounters as related to a friend; one as a 6-year-old in 1952, another as a younger adult in 1974 or late Fall, 1973. I will start with the latest first.

Encounter in the 1970s

I was augmenting my electronics job by teaching fretted instruments at Menomonee Falls Music, in the evenings and on Saturdays. Menomonee Falls is a fairly distant suburb of Milwaukee. Also see Family in Wisconsin Sees Elongated Metallic Object.

I had just bought a new Opel Manta, and as the car was a blast to drive, I sought out winding roads for my way to and from the music store. Milwaukee is down at Lake level, and Menomonee Falls is up top, on the edge of the Great Plains.

I've always been a news freak, and was hurrying home to watch the evening news. As I raced down this winding road between farm fields, I came upon a very, very bright light in the middle of the road.

It was like looking at a Tig welder! I stopped, figuring it must be the police, and I pulled off onto the berm in case there had been an accident, and they wanted me to turn around.

I could not see anything but the intensely bright light. I rolled down my driver's window, expecting a cop. The next thing I remember is standing next to my car, with my forearms on the roof, looking East towards Milwaukee, down at lake level.

Suddenly the bright light flashed over my head and disappeared over the lake in an instant. I've never seen anything move that fast, before or since, and I have a long history of air shows and air race viewing with my Father and Grandfather.

Missing Time

I returned to my flat on the downtown lake front, feeling very calm and relaxed. I turned on the television to watch the news, and found the news had been over for more than two hours. I grew perplexed.

The next morning I called to inquire about any radar anomalies, and was told there were none. I don't remember anything more than what I've just described.

Encounter in the 1950s

Now, as a 6-year-old in '52; this is somewhat more interesting because of family history.

My Father graduated absolute top of his Mechanical Engineering class at Case/Western Reserve. The day after graduation, he and his best friend, also an engineer, enlisted to fight in WWll.

They had their uniforms, and orders in hand, when men showed up at their doors, and told them that the US needed engineers in Washington. My Father and his friend went to work for the NACA, now, of course, NASA.

I was born in Alexandria, Virginia in 1946. At 6 months of age, I got my first plane ride, back to the Cleveland area. We moved into a small house in Independence when I was two.

Behind the house was the famous aquatic supplier, Tricker's, a huge, dark empty space at night. There were very few houses around.

But there was a NIKE missile site two blocks away. My Father had worked on those, along with others like the SNARK. All my 3-ring binders in grade school were given to me by my Dad. They all were emblazoned with the legend, "TOP SECRET!" That was pretty cool!

By the way, the site is still there, and is still a classified site. A few years ago, I contacted a guy who listed known Nike sites online. He knew nothing of the one in Independence, but it can easily be identified on Google Earth.

It was recently shut down, and donated to the Independence School System. Last time I looked, the parking lot was full of school busses.

Awakening in a Metal Hallway

So one summer night, I went to bed as usual, only to awaken sometime later in a metal hallway. The walls, floors and ceiling looked like brushed stainless steel. There were rooms off to each side. There were no doors, and the openings went from the floor to the ceiling.

There was tension in the air, and a fairly loud, low- pitched buzzing sound, similar to the sound of a Jacob's Ladder. I could feel it on my skin.

I was "directed" down the hallway. I saw no other beings, nor actually heard any voices. As I walked by one side room door, I saw a boy's body laid out on a table. It was cut open from just below the neck to the groin.

I was sure it was one of my friends from the neighborhood. I was directed into another side room. Although there was no door, and the hallway was brightly lit, the room was velvet black inside.

This is rather hard to describe; there were brightly lit shapes floating around in that room, and I knew I was supposed to make some sort of order with them.

They weren't animated, just geometrical shapes, that, though extremely bright, gave no light to the surroundings. I was getting scared!

Back in the Bedroom

The next thing I knew, I was in my room, still hearing that electric buzzing, and I was on my way to my parent's bedroom. I walked between their beds, went up to the night stand, and pulled the chain on the table lamp.

The light bulb exploded in a blue flash! And the buzzing sound stopped. My Mother, though obviously quite freaked by the manner of her awakening, tried her best to convince me that I'd just had a bad dream. I think not.

So, Father worked for NACA designing secret missiles, also supersonic research; NIKE site, a secluded area; a 6-year-old knowing about anatomy? We had not gotten a TV yet, so I had no exposure to any news. Besides, what 6-year-old is interested in news? It is very strange!

I know this is a very odd story. As far as unimportant bona fides; I'm 65. I owned my own home/condo maintenance company, and before that I was a contract restorer of 18th and 19th Century furniture.

I am semi-retired but retain my 30+ year job as the operator of a public utility. I take that job very seriously. I am a logical thinker, with a tested IQ of over 160.

I am not given to flights of fancy. Two of my friends have urged me to see a hypnotist. Not a chance! What's in my brain is mine alone, and will be shared, in some part, only occasionally.


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