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Triangle UFO over Minnesota

Triangle UFO Seen over Monticello, Minnesota


Updated April 09, 2012

Some of the information on this report originated from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). The sighting occurred in Monticello, Minnesota on March 14, 2012.

The eyewitness to the event went to let his dog outside at about 10:30 PM. While his dog was meandering around, the witness walked around the side of the house, and took a look at the night sky. This is something he often did.

To the northwest, he could see Jupiter and Venus, which was easily spotted at the time. The moon was in a last-quarter stage, so the sky did have ambient light.

Soon, he turned more toward the West, and quickly spotted what he thought was a large bird flying across the sky. He thought this was a beautiful sight, and something he often saw; white birds flying in the moonlight.

Structured Object

Very soon, he discovered that this was not a bird; as his eyes adjusted, he could clearly make out a structured object in the shape of a triangle. The pointed end depicted the direction of the path of the UFO.

Three static, red lights could be seen at each of the three corners, and the body of the triangle around the outside reminded him of highway safety reflectors. The center body of the object was either transparent or blended into the sky so perfectly that he was unable to see it.

As the triangle moved along, it blocked out the stars behind it. In his estimation, it took about 10 seconds for the UFO to cross the sky from its original position, or it became engulfed in the ambient light of the Minneapolis light pollution.

The length of the sighting cannot be fixed accurately because he is not sure how long the object had been in the sky before he spotted it, or it had moved into a position that it could be seen from the ground. Reading an account such as this may seem like just another report, but the witness, a middle-aged mechanical engineer was obviously affected by what he saw.

"I was shivering"

He stated: "As I watched this UFO, I was shivering, the hair on the back of my head was standing up, and I felt like crying, and every time I think about it, my eyes water."

He added: "I do not know if I am scared or excited, because I have never felt this way when reflecting on an event. Nothing I have ever seen has made me feel this way. I have seen other things in the sky, but this takes the cake."

With his experience still bothering him, he immediately went inside, and made a drawing of what the object looked like. When he finished, he called his wife and told her of what he had seen, and showed her the drawing.

Knowing that he was a serious minded man, and not given to making up stories, she became concerned, she was certain that he was telling her of a real life experience.

Searching for Answers

Naturally, after a day or so of reflection, he began to look for answers. What exactly did he see? Was this a craft of extraterrestrial origin? Was it some experimental military craft or new secret weapon?

He began to do some research into sightings of UFOs, and soon discovered that it is an accepted fact that often these types of craft are drawn to sources of power; electric and nuclear. Since the sighting occurred about 15 miles from a nuclear power plant, he thought possibly he had an answer.

It can be surmised that there is not one definitive answer to what the strange triangle UFOs are. Some who study them believe that at least a portion of the sightings can be attributed to military craft, but the incredible maneuvers reported by eyewitnesses rule out some of these as being man-made.

Also, the fact that the triangles are often reported to fly so low, and without making a sound certainly lends itself to the hypothesis that some of the sightings could be of extraterrestrial origin.

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