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Four UFO Sightings in Florida

October Sightings in Florida


UFO photographed over Florida

UFO over Florida

Updated November 03, 2011
October Sightings over Florida

In just over two weeks, there were four reports of UFOs over the state of Florida. One lucky witness was able to take several photographs of what he saw. One is included with this report.

On October 5, in the city of Miami, a sphere-shaped UFO was seen by two witnesses. The man who reported the unknown object was riding in his car along with his sister. They noticed something unusual in the sky near the Miami International Airport. What grabbed the attention of the two witnesses was the extreme height of the object, and it being too near the airport.

It was common for the witnesses to see planes ascending and descending over the airport, but this object seemed to be just sitting in the sky. The unknown object also had what appeared to have an aura around it. The object was totally different in its movements, as it drifted very slowly from East to West.

Even though the skies were cloudless at the time, the UFO would appear brightly at times, and then fade out. After following this pattern a couple of times, it finally disappeared. The object was so flat that when it leveled out, it was barely visible.

Photograph Taken

On October 19, a man had an unusual experience with a UFO in Tampa Bay at about 9:45 PM, EST. He saw a disc-shaped object in the night sky that was aglow with multiple white lights.

The UFO hovered over his house for about 5 minutes, giving him enough time to take a couple of photographs. Because of the clarity of the object and the length of time it hovered, he feels that others must have seen the object.

Triangle UFO of Immense Size

On October 21, also near Miami, a woman was out walking her dog at 9:00 PM. As was her usual custom, she was watching the skies while she waited for her dog to finish his business. This night was totally different than all of the others, as she spotted a giant triangle-shaped object which moved ever so slowly.

It was slowly flying from North to South, and making no sound whatsoever. She could clearly see two rows of flashing lights which framed the outside edges of the object. The most fascinating aspect of the object was its immense size; it was larger than a football field.

The object was in her field of view for twenty seconds, until it finally moved away. In her mind, she tried to think of anything that might explain what she saw that night, but nothing could come close, except a UFO.

On October 22, near the city of Weston, a family of three was driving home to Miami when they saw something they will not soon forget. They counted in the sky above them, not one, but twelve unknown objects. These objects were clearly in view for about three minutes.

Floating, Not Flying

The UFOs seemed to be floating, not flying, and the family thought at first that they were seeing some type of lights on an antenna or light tower, but they soon discovered there were no structures in their area that had lights mounted. Family members were well aware of Chinese Lanterns, as they had seen them several times before.

They easily dismissed the Lanterns as a possible explanation for what they saw. Soon, ten of the twelve objects disappeared, leaving two, and then they too simply vanished into the sky while they family watched.

What could account for these strange objects seen over Florida?

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