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2012 UFO Reports for the state of Kansas

UFOs over Kansas in 2012


Updated October 23, 2012
The state of Kansas is no stranger to reports of UFOs. One of Ufology's best known physical trace case was the Delphos, Kansas Glowing Ring. Also of note are the Strange Craft with Occupants, and Readers Submits Kansas City Sightings

Wamego - 07-27-12

My family and I were visiting my sister and her family at their rural home several miles northeast of Wamego, Kansas. At about 10:45 PM, I opened the curtains of the living room in order to use the remote lock on our automobile's ignition key to lock the vehicle as it sat in the driveway of the home.

Momentarily after closing the curtains, my 9 year old daughter asked me "Dad, what were those blue lights?" Thinking that she had simply seen one or more of the yard lights near the storage barn(s) on the property I told her such. She then replied "No, that's not what I'm talking about."

At this point we went back to the window, pulled back the curtains and, sure enough, there were two blue lights that appeared to be located above the barn / equipment shed located northeast of the home. These lights were distinctly not the above-mentioned yard lights and, I would estimate, were located approximately one-quarter to one-third of a mile from the home and probably around 800 - 1000 feet in the air.

Wanting to get a better look at the lights, my daughter and I immediately stepped out onto the porch of the home and watched two blue lights transit from north to south at a distance of about one quarter of a mile to the east of the home. It was at this point that we noticed what was likely a helicopter following the two blue lights.

The helicopter was distinct from the two blue lights that it was trailing in that we could observe at least two navigation lights (red and green), a flashing / strobe light (white) that would illuminate a portion of the aircraft / helicopter body, and we could easily recognize the characteristic engine and rotor noise of a helicopter.

Once the helicopter and two blue lights transited behind the side of the house so that we could not see them, we went back into / through the home to the deck on the south side of the structure. We then observed the helicopter and two lights continue their flight to the south with the same speed, height, direction, and formation described above until they passed from view behind the trees located a short distance to the south of the house.

El Dorado - 08-20-12

I was at the El Dorado Lake, Bolder Bluff area. I was sitting in a chair that sort of leans back and has a foot rest, watching the stars, (I'm a bit of an amateur astronomer). I know my stars and my planes very well. I know what planes are at what air force bases in the area and what they're capable of doing.

I love physics and military info. I don't believe in aliens, at least not ones near our solar system. I'm sure, as most scientist are, that life exists somewhere in the galaxy. It's ridiculous not to.

This light I thought was a star of about a magnitude six and was white in color and did not blink or flash like most planes do. It was in the eastern sky, and then it moved west, which is why I really noticed it. I thought it was a satellite until it stopped on a dime, and then changed directions, looping north then back on the same east to west heading.

Then it stopped again, and did a circle, stopped again, and and hovered for a few seconds and after that it was back on the same heading. This repeated several times. It lasted so long my neck hurt the next day, (I had gotten up to turn off my lantern), when I tried to retrieve my binoculars I lost it of course!

It was very intriguing and I kept an eye out for it. Then I caught it in the northwestern sky headed southeast doing the same type of movements. The light finally disappeared in the southwestern sky. The duration was from 9:15 to 9:32. The light was traveling at about the speed of a satellite or faster but was brighter than most. It had to be some type of craft; it could not have been a star, satellite, or any aircraft I know of obviously.

This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this, and I believe it to be a secret military craft. That is up for interpretation. I have been vigilant at looking for this light since that night, to no avail though.

Olathe - 09-03-12

My family was traveling west and my wife noticed a UFO hovering about 10 miles west of Olathe down 135th St. I instructed my wife to pull over and we all four watched and witnessed the craft hovering in one spot for several minutes. The craft had flashing lights one being a larger red and a larger white and a smaller red light.

My wife and I noticed that at one point the two larger lights flashed much like a police car would back and forth and then light pattern changed and craft moved to the east and flew over our car, but I could not make out the shape, but I could hear it.

Planes and jets do not hover for several minutes so I cannot explain what exactly the craft was, craft moved off to the east of Olathe.

Another odd thing is my wife recorded it on her cell phone but when we got home to replay her phone skipped and all we see is a flash on the screen.

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