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2012 UFO Sightings in the State of Louisiana

UFO Reports from the State of Louisiana


Updated October 26, 2012
This article will detail several UFO sightings over the state of Louisiana. Here are a couple of earlier reports we have on the state: Ex-Pilot Reports Two UFOs over Louisiana, and Sightings over Burr Ferry, Louisiana. Now for some of what's happening in 2012:

New Orleans - 07-19-12

I got a not-so-great photo of a triangle craft in New Orleans. Within a couple of seconds it went from about 1,000 feet up to what looks like about 4-5,000 feet up.

Walking through the French Quarter at about 6:30 AM, I looked up and saw and heard a passenger jet fly over. I recognized its shape and saw its blinking navigation lights immediately as I have seen many hundreds of aircraft before it. I've always been able to identify every single craft I've ever witnessed in the air.

I'm an Air Force brat, born, raised and spent my life studying jets, planes and all things in the air; plus I've always known about UFOs, seen pictures, heard stories, and been a fan of Science Fiction since I was old enough to read and about the universe at large.

What happened yesterday morning was nothing like I've ever seen or even thought I would ever see. It was like something out of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, accept real and in person.

I was confused at first because I didn't recognize the color of the bright lights, heard no sound and couldn't actually see the shape of the craft. It's as though the lights were deliberately being shone at me.

It looked like very, very bright orange headlights at first on a slow moving helicopter that hovered to a stop in the middle of my point of view. It was in the middle of the street about 1 mile away and about 500-1000 feet up. It came to a stop when I stopped in the middle of the street.

I looked at it and thought, "What is that ?" The shape of the aircraft was obscured due to the practically blinding brightness of the orange lights. Now, it reminded me of the feeling of being under a spotlight. The same light in your eyes a DJ person on stage might feel. It was briefly a blinding light.

After a couple seconds of trying to see the shape of the craft, it looked like it was fading and going up into the sky so I grabbed my camera took the photo and it was gone.

The craft was low enough to look like some kind of big hovering mass. I couldn't even tell what shape it was due to the brightness of the light shining on me as though I was under an extremely bright spotlight. I grabbed the camera, took the picture and then it vanished.

Marion - 07-25-12

This evening at approximately 10:30 PM, CDT, I walked out of my residence in northeastern Louisiana. The moon was very bright and intense, and the entire landscape was bathed with a silver aurora of moonlight. The night air was heavy and dense, but the cloudless night sky was similar to the clarity one experiences on a chilly winter night.

I glanced at the sky very briefly to study how the moon had dimmed the stars, making only the brightest ones clear. The radiance of the moon outshone the majority of the stars towards the west, but to the east, a large portion of the stars were left shining.

It is here in which my gaze was drawn. I was admiring the stars when I noticed two distinct and separate lights moving in the sky. One was the typical sight of a commercial airliner flying at 30,000 ft. These are easily distinguished because of their snail-like pace, and how they creep across the night sky, in a steady line, and never change course quickly. This plane was moving towards the southwest, and was flying at a much higher altitude than the second object.

This object I thought as being very peculiar was much lower altitude than the airliner, and was at approximately 2000-4000 feet in the sky, and emitted no sound, it featured red, white, and green lights, that functioned as follows: the outside lights were red, the middle lights were white, and the center light was green.

I am still somewhat shaken from this event, and the shear, silent eeriness that I experienced will not be soon forgotten.

Mandeville - 08-16-12

I was walking the dog North up my street and looking into the northern sky at a set of stars that formed a triangle when a round white light caught my eye approaching the triangle of stars. The light was slightly brighter than the stars I was looking at and was heading west along the same line of sight.

I stopped walking to watch this light thinking is was probably a plane which may have changed direction and began heading toward me as the light became brighter and slightly larger, then stopped, then turned a sort of slight bluish/white and dimmed as if to blend in with the stars I was looking at and finally the light completely faded out.

I stood there on my street watching this area to see if I could locate any blinking lights afterward for about a minute and saw absolutely nothing (no white/green or red blinking lights) that you would find on a plane had it turned its main light off.

There are some clouds out tonight but there were none in the area of the sky I was watching. Most commercial planes not heading to New Orleans airport will follow this flight path along I-12 toward Houston as I see them all the time.

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