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UFO Sighting Reports from Michigan for 2012

2012 UFO Reports from Michigan


Updated October 30, 2012

The state of Michigan certainly has its place in the history of UFOs. If you don't believe that, see my article Michigan - Rich in UFO History.

It also has its bizarre cases like Strange Case of the Michigan Flying Wing UFO, and classic cases like Pilot Felix Moncla Lost Chasing UFO and the Michigan Swamp Gas Case. Now let's see what has been happening in 2012.

Wyandotte - 08-09-12

I live on the Detroit River, near Lake Erie. The Grosse lle airport is within a mile. I was on the fourth floor facing south when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

At first I thought it was an airplane on fire. Then one of the same come out of what seemed to me to be the water. There was one on top of the first one I saw and one on the bottom. They hovered for a minute.

Then they took off toward the west. I could see the after smoke or whatever aircrafts leave. They were totally silent. Before the first three were totally out of sight an additional three came out; never in the same line but in patterns of three.

I looked through a star gazer and the things were blinking so fast and vibrating so fast, I couldn't focus. I was transfixed. There were a total of 30. I could not have been the only one to witness this.

They were not Chinese Lanterns either. I know what I saw. Within 15 minutes there were commercial size airplanes going over the area.

Clinton Township - 09-03-12

I witnessed two UFOs near Selfridge Air National Guard base. My wife and I were sitting on our porch around 9:30 PM when were looking up in that direction I noticed a constant bright red light.

I am in the military and am very familiar with military aircraft. As I watched the light, I noticed it moving in my direction (northwest) and slowly turned back east. The closer the craft came to me, the duller the light became until it completely disappeared.

At this point I could make out the shape of the craft. As the craft was almost over top of my wife and myself I could make out a disc-shaped craft. I watched this craft move across the sky for roughly a minute and a half until it disappeared. While watching this first craft I noticed a commercial jet flying east, but the plane was far above the craft.

After the craft was gone I kept looking up towards the direction the craft came from and noticed a second bright red light. This craft slowly headed in the same path as the first one doing everything the same, down to the dulling red light which disappeared at roughly the same point as the first craft.

At this point my wife said something and I looked at her and looked back up to where the light was and it was gone. Neither craft made any noise.

Canton - 09-15-12

Line of Lights over Canton - I was driving down Warren Road at about 8:15 PM with my friend when I saw about 8 to 10 lights in the sky.

The lights were east of my location at about a 15 degree angle of elevation in a slightly curved line and the middle was made up of lights that formed triangles with one UFO that was in front. The lights were white with a yellow tint.

Before we pulled over, we saw an airplane banking and flying towards the UFOs. The airplane had a red and blue light and was moving faster than a private or commercial plane.

Five minutes later after we pulled over, they were moving west towards us and were then at a 45 degree angle of elevation. While I was trying to get my phone out of my car to take a picture, my friend started to yell from the field, "Hurry up, they're disappearing!"

By the time I got to where he was in the field, the lights had disappeared. My friend told me that the light in the front had started to rise vertically but slowly, but then increased speed and was gone in an instant. The other lights in the line then disappeared the instant the lead UFO ascended.

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