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UFOs over the State of Massachusetts

UFO Sightings from Massachusetts


Updated October 30, 2012

This article will detail sightings from the state of Massachusetts for the year of 2012. The state is no stranger to UFO events. Be sure to see Man and Daughter Encounter UFOs in Massachusetts, UFOs Hover over Quincy, Massachusetts, and Encounter at Billerica.

Also, one of Ufology's most well-known abduction cases occurred in Massachusetts: The Betty Andreasson Abduction. Now, lets take a look at some more recent events.

Longmeadow - 08-21-12

The two witnesses are in their 30's. In Longmeadow, in an area called the Meadows, Fanny Stebbins refuge, tonight I and one other person fished a small pond and headed back on train tracks going to Springfield.

I looked into sky and noticed a bright white object moving east to west, and I commented "Huh, what's that?"

My buddy looks up and says, "Oh it's a plane." I exclaimed, "Yeah, but it's not blinking and its white, pure white; I mean no colors, no pulsation, nothing... just white and round."

We both agree this is odd, we watched it move east to west, and then it navigates at about the distance a passenger jet would be. We watched it and expected it to continue on.

Keep in mind, there was no direct path, just like an object deciding its movement as it went. This was not a comet or meteorite; I have seen hundreds of these, as I am a sky buff. They don't just glow pure white, and stay constant.

So we watched as it seemed to turn away and up, then in about 2 seconds, it took off towards space, then disappeared.

Before it did, there was a small glow as it left, like some sort of burner. And then it's just gone. I can say surely, for me a total non-believer, this has made me think twice about UFOs.

Upton - 09-11-12

At 8:50 AM, my son gets on his bus, the bus pulls away, and I happened to look up to see what the air traffic was like on the 09-11 anniversary.

I noticed a white, spherical object moving from the north in a south-southwesterly trajectory at a steady rate of speed, and constant altitude. I would guess it was up at about 2,500-3,000 feet.

After about 30 seconds, the object was still visible, and began making a slow turn to the west and then began to move back in my direction to the north/northeast. I noticed a slight haze around the object at this time. I continued to observe the object, and noticed it was slowly turning more to the east, speed constant. The hazing only lasted a few seconds, but this repeated 2 or 3 times.

Within another half-minute or so, the object suddenly moved straight up, covering about 1,000 feet (best guess) in roughly 2 seconds. It stayed in place for another few seconds, and then began slowly moving back in a south-south-westerly trajectory at this new altitude. Finally, it was out of sight.

Hinsdale - 09-13-12

I was at Plunkett Lake in Hinsdale around 9:30 PM, when a friend and I noticed in the sky a fast moving, blinking green and red light. It was moving around in no particular motion that I could tell; it was moving in the same area back and forth-up and down in no order.

Then we spotted two more of the same exact looking lights that were further apart. The first one was spotted in the north and then the second UFO we noticed was southwest and then the third we saw was directly ahead above the lake facing East.

They all moved very fast and had green and red lights and all seemed the same size and distance away, they were pretty far out. I tried to video it on my phone but it was too dark.

My friend said he may have seen more like 6, but I know I saw 3 for sure. The one facing the East direction was directly in front of my car in the distance and we watched it and it shined down a really bright light.

It looked like "high beams," I have never en anything like it in my life, the light flashed a really strong and bright white light for about 5 - 10 seconds. My friend went back after I left and saw one land across the lake but too far in the woods for him to go and investigate.

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